Aerial Yoga as an elixir vitae for Mental and Physical Health

What is this marital relation between aerial yoga and mental health?

In the moment, the so-called Aerial Yoga is aptly catching on in the world. It is depicted as a spiritual activity that propels lives into the ‘Great’ change. They say it’s a parcel out a sort of zeal of life, mentally and physically.

Staggeringly, the American Osteopathic Association brings forward that yoga helps increase your flexibility, muscle strength, metabolism, cardio and circulatory health in a glimpse of eye.

What is anti-gravity yoga?

Before leaping further into the details, let’s chop-chop gaze at the meaning of this creative concept. Aerial Yoga is obviously a genre of yoga that avails a hammock or a yoga swing. It allows people to perform exotic fervent postures. Often called AntiGravity Yoga, aerial yoga combines the traditional yoga with moves stirred from Pilates, dance and acrobatics.

Now, after gaining popularity all over the world, it is considered as a cure for various health issues. Especially people who spend hours sitting. Those who fall victim of back pain because it has a decompressing side effect on the body. On top of that, it is a performance and a therapy at the same time that latches on to six vital benefits.

Aerial yoga is an art of meditation. It is a ‘helping-hand’ in the workout of the entire figure by embodying movements and exercises which compels the entire body to stretch and move. Its artistic performance helps in toning muscles and strengthening joints. Thereby, it subtly increases blood circulation in the body.

Benefits of anti-gravity yoga

Secondly, it is a great enhancer of flexibility due to the practice of dance and acrobatics altogether. Indeed, by dint of this astonishing therapy, the body moves fancy-free according to its own pace, liberating the stress of muscles and bones and gradually it becomes elastic and fit as a fiddle.

Since this activity helps to be in tip-top shape, then it ultimately is a digestive help-service; through its techniques of extensive stretching and moving, Aerial Yoga is an astounding cure for indigestion and constipation and a booster of the digestive system.

Thirdly, doing exercises in mid-air and suspended through a hammock polishes the body-balance. Thus, it helps maintaining balance and stability in terms of physical and mental being.

Next in line, as a new creative healing, it ideally enhances the circulation of blood and detoxifies the body, especially the lymphatic systems. In plain English, such a detoxification stirs to provide immunity to the body against cardiovascular problems and to stave off the symptoms of early aging.

Utterly, it is a relaxation method for both the body and the mind that liquidates the weight from the inside and urges for positivity and energetic outlook towards gazing ahead. In terse, it can be depicted as a mood enhancer.

Who shouldn’t do aerial yoga?

Per contra, Aerial Yoga is not recommended for pregnant women or people who suffer from vertigo due to the flips and inversions practiced during the class.

Speaking about flips, doesn’t it remember you of your upbringing and childhood?

In fact, this type of Yoga can take you back to that playground fun and to the memories of the children swings; just it is a yoga playground for adults. Isn’t it amusing?

Well, “Life is so much easier when you just chill out”, don’t you think so!

It is very important to abolish any sort of intimidation and even propel yourself into challenge. Make it a challenge to your own-self in order to yield your inner-self to confidence, believe in the self, euphoria and to thrive inside and outside. The reason behind this warning is that many people don’t dare to give it a shot. Their minds conjure up images of a Cirque du Soleil aerialist performing contortions and somersaults, climbing, rolling and dropping from high in the air, assisted only by a long stretch of fabric. While this therapy doesn’t request any background in acrobatics, not even an acquaintance with gymnastics.

Buy anti-gravity yoga equipment

Aerial Yoga Gear CouponOn contrary, it is an activity performed on both the ground and a low-hanging, high-density nylon hammock to explore traditional yoga postures while being suspended mid-air. Like conventional yoga, it also focuses on breath, alignment, mindfulness and flow.

The gist of happiness and success, on miscellaneous levels, hails from the moment you hit that sweet spot. The spot where fear turns to become confidence and ripens you into the exhilaration of floating freely.

In brief, Aerial Yoga is a real zeal of life. It is a fervent and exotic therapy that bears many benefits and even a life changing activity. Remember carefully, the following edge: “don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

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