Yoga vs Aerial Yoga

What is yoga?

Above all, yoga is the best way to know yourself. And also to achieve harmony of the body. And to achieve harmony of spirit. Yoga classes treat depression. It neutralizes stress. And strengthens the body. In Eastern culture in yoga, the spiritual aspect is more important. Western culture is different. People learn yoga, first of all, as physical activity.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Exercises are aimed at all the muscles, ligaments. And also blood vessels. And the organs of the body. Various asanas affect internal organs. They remove toxins from them. Special breathing enriches the body with oxygen.

Besides, Yoga normalizes digestion. It slows down aging. And reduces inflammation. It will help everyone. But if classes are conducted by experienced instructors. Both women and men to go to classes. Yoga is useful even for children. And therefore asanas are often used. Usually in physical education programs.

What is aerial yoga?

This is a special kind of yoga. It combines traditional asanas, dance moves. And Pilates. In aerial yoga exercises use a special hammock. It can withstand up to 200-450 kg. Hammock rests on the ceiling. On the support chains and carbines.

This hammock works almost like a swing. It supports the body well when bent. In it, the easy to perform complex inverted yoga poses. And they are the most effective. And most useful. Such training is more interesting. So it more diverse than traditional yoga.

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga Gear CouponAerial yoga stretches the body. More effectively than classical exercises. It strengthens muscles. And repairs joints. Better than traditional yoga. Active exercises act well on the respiratory. And on the circulatory systems. And on the digestive system.

In addition, aerial yoga restores psychological balance. And emotional balance. Іt relaxes. Because the muscles and joints in the hammock resting. They get rid of the load. And the spine straightens. The feeling of flying and rocking the hammock soothes. It relieves stress. It distracts from anxiety. And improves mood.

What are the disadvantages of yoga?

The benefits of traditional yoga know the whole world. It also has disadvantages. Classes last 1.5–2 hours. This is a lot. And not everyone has time.

Without physical training and muscular elasticity difficult. It is impossible to master difficult yoga poses.  Therefore yoga takes time. So it takes perseverance.  But the result will be radiant skin. A healthy body. And a great mood.

What gives weightlessness? And how is it good for health?

The hammock is always support for the balance. And work stabilizing muscles. Those that function poorly in everyday life. And this is an effective training of the vestibular apparatus. Finally, experts advise hammock for beginners. And for professional athletes.

Thus, both yoga and aerial yoga are excellent choices. But each has its advantages.  And has its disadvantage. Traditional yoga is suitable for those who want to develop their body. And to develop the mind. And to develop the spiritual sphere.

This type of yoga will appeal to almost everyone. Because there is a simple level of learning. And a complex level. But something worth considering. Exercises are performed slowly. And such exercises last longer than many others.

Yoga can dislike those who prefer more active physical exertion. And a faster pace of exercise. So these people more suitable aerial yoga. This modern approach to traditional asanas is loved by both celebrities and sportsmen.

Aerial yoga makes it possible to master more complex poses. So it quickly developt flexibility. But it may not be suitable for some. Those who are just starting to work out in the gym.