10 Top Muscle Bulking Foods And How To Add Them To Your Diet

Body building means we have the best investment for our future. So many times it really works on our budget as we don´t have to go to the doctor to spend extra money and we can invest that money for other sources.

Now we will see how to invest money by eating the best food for muscle growth. How to gain muscles with good supplement of food? Which food is good for our muscle growth and is it working without any harm to us? There are 2 types of food which work on body building that is vegetarian and non vegetarian. We will take a look at them both.

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Milk contains all types of  vitamins along with carbohydrates, fats, rich in calcium & proteins so we must have to drink milk everyday. In our meal or dinner we must have to keep milk related food that is ghee, butter, butter milk etc it can also provides calcium & some minerals along with it & they are useful to build our proteins .Proteins helps to build the muscles.

Nuts :

There are so many types of Nuts, that is peanut, cashew nut, gram nut,almonds etc  They contains fats, carbohydrates, along with protein  & good to build muscles.

Cottage seeds :

It also provides us good supplement of protein to us.


Sprout contains good proteins along minerals & vitamins helps to provides all supplement to build the muscles. Increase blood volume also.

Dry fruits :

Dry fruits   like dates, coconut, almonds, cashew nuts are working on building our bones & muscles.So that in our India we are giving dry fruit’s juice to the infants of age 1 Month Really it works better & infant grows faster along with building good muscles. So that they are keeping in front of GOD in any worshiping.


We know that every food is good for our body of them coconut is rich in calcium along with another minerals & proteins.It helps to build muscles better. Avocado is the best food for all supplement means it works as a appetizer, rich in protein , carbohydrates, all minerals etc. Very nice important fruit for all problems of health .Run for diabetic patient, runners , athletics etc .


Vegetables provides us all vitamins, minerals , carbohydrates etc & increases our digestion capacity , to build muscles. Our daily diet ROTI & CHAPATI also provides good calcium , along with iron & another minerals.It also good supplement for building a muscle.

If we will eat some raw vegetables & fruits as like  RADISH, SWEET POTATOES,  CARROTS, CUCUMBER, GROUND NUTS, HURDA , ETC Some seeds as  like LIN SEEDS, SEA SAME, KARAL, SUNFLOWER SEEDS,Mustard seeds  that can also provides a lot of good supplement to build our muscles. 

Special fruit for it is lemon & Amala rich in calcium & work as a good supplement for digestive system also.

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CrazyBulkNow we will turn to NON VEG FOOD

Lean Beef , Skinless chicken ,Cottage cheese, Eggs, Whey protein , Amway protein, Tuna & other fishes,  taking a solid fish oil supplement.

Whey protein & Amway protein : IT is the good source of  muscle food .Generally all body builders  are using this to build their body.  right after our workouts  getting high quality products here.

Eggs : Eggs & SOYA SEEDS are the high quality food for proteins .Of them egg contains Vitamin D in more proportion. lift weights AND eat enough calories to gain weight. Gives good result for all supplements of body.

Along with food to build a muscle we need exercise , Masaj to our body . That is spa . When we are taking SPA to our body it’s oil is from sea same & this oil is good to absorb in the skin .It nurtures the skin well & keeps bones strong .Giving good look & shape to your body. Enters directly through the pores of skin & it provides good result to build the muscles & bones.

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