These Easy 5 Tips Will Boost Your Endurance Levels Like Crazy

Everyone knows what the term “endurance” means, but does everyone know how can their bodies build endurance in the first place? There are three primary variables that help the cardiovascular performance:

  • The Heart Rate, more exactly the number of times the heart beats per each minute
  • The Stroke Volume or the amount of blood the heart can pump per each beat
  • The Heart Contractility or the strength of the heart muscle contractions

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Essential Roles

With the increase of each variable comes an increased amount of oxygen supply and blood flow for the exercising muscles. However, even if it seems that the heart is the most essential part to worry about during endurance training, there are also other important things to consider, like the muscles. Each contraction of the muscles stimulates the blood flow through the veins back to the heart leading to more amount of blood in the heart. This process is called preload. It actually increases the stroke volume of the heart during the exercises and so, the strength and contraction of the muscles become a very important determinant of the endurance performance.

Another essential role is played by the mitochondria or the tiny powerhouses situated in the cells. They deliver ATP energy at a high level based on oxygen. If the mitochondrial density is increased, the body receives more energy, being able to produce more force that lasts longer.

If you keep in mind this important information about your body and remember how it can build endurance, it will not be hard at all to reach those high levels you are already dreaming about. Here are a few tips that will help you through your journey.

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Tips to Boost Up Your Endurance Levels

One of the most important tips to boost your endurance levels is to take it slow at the beginning. Known as a gradual adaptation, it can only be done if you are patient and consistent in the exercises you choose to do. In this case, there are also beginners, intermediates and advanced users. If you are a part of the first category, you should build your endurance slowly, with baby steps.

The second tip is to alternate easy days with hard days so the body can adapt to an exercising routine. Three days of running per week (a tempo run, a speed workout and a long run) along with four days of a mixed cross and weight training could do the trick.

CrazyBulkChoosing the Perfect Type of Exercise

The third way to achieve higher levels of endurance is to focus on certain exercises that are known to strengthen the muscles of the body.  Plyometric leg exercises and core movements represent the best endurance package for a runner, for example. Box jumps, skipping drills, jump roping or the well-known “rope ladder” high-knee sprints usually seen at the football training sessions, these are the perfect exercises for a marathon runner. Each chosen exercise will help you increase your endurance levels in a safe way.

The fourth tip is all about time

The gradual increase in your work time and a decreased rest time during your exercises. Also known as the Interval Training, it can help you build your endurance right from the cellular level and up to the mental strength.

The last, but not least tip refers to the objects you may use during your training. They can be strange things like rocks or branches. The endurance can be also mental as it is physical. If you incorporate a new type of object in your training, you can also manage to train your brain while sorting out a way to use that thing you came across. Endurance is essential for the health of the body and for keeping it fit through a routine of exercises.

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