Why Are You Not Gaining Muscle – 5 Reasons Why

Hey, fellas, this article is about 5 reasons why are you not gaining muscle even after trying hard enough. We will discuss five distinct reasons which are hampering your bodybuilding pursuit. Bodybuilding can be very personal. When the experience does not generate desired it can devastate happiness. Although the process is long and hard some if we keep certain activities in check it can be easy-peasy. The reasons we are going to learn about in the next segment are not gender specific. We have also compiled the list keeping general muscle gain in mind hence any bodybuilding enthusiast can follow.

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At times we train hard in different gyms, try an array of exercises. However, we somehow end up without the muscle we always wanted. In times like this, it is important to evaluate the daily routine or even change the exercises or trainer. Evaluation is the best action to overcome the problem. The process of gaining muscle is a complex one as it is very volatile. A small mishap can keep you away for results so please give yourself a break! Try to figure out the deformity and overcome it. Try to do things better than faster.

5 Reasons Why?

In this segment, we will try to know the problem in and out in forms of reasons. After knowing we will try to understand why it happens in the first place. Lastly, we will overcome the problem with a positive attitude and respect the change! This is all it takes to tackle any problem in our life. The problems make us better performers, not merely spectators. We will turn the tables until we do not lose the confidence and motivation. Towards the end, let’s work out a plan and vow to put a genuine effort for gaining muscle!

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Reason 1: Training Complications

Training complication is the most common form of hindrance. It has many forms ranging from not training intensely, inconsistency to too much cardio. The list goes on and on. To trigger results we need to comprehend all the complications and press them out. Like when you are doing too much cardio the calories left for muscle training exercise are very little. While muscle training, it is just not about lifting weights. It is about consistently adding more kilos for gaining muscles. One should work out the training well beforehand. Also, it should evolve along with the muscle gain and resistance threshold. Plan, include, evolve and achieve.

Reason 2: Stress-free Abundant Rest

“Stress” is an inevitable gift to Modern society. The responsibilities like education, job, parenting are cliched with stress. Stress can affect muscle gain in more ways then you can imagine. However, let’s focus on the two main aspects here stress-free and abundant rest. Always remember bodybuilding is a two-way process. Muscles give you the power to lift while you give them the rest they deserve. Make a habit to sleep for 6-7 hours. Reduce the stress levels in the workplace or at home. In the absence of abundant rest, the gain muscles exercise can generate unwanted complications. Just rest it, folks!

Reason 3: Wrong Supplements Supplied

Supplements can work for us and against us! There is a very fine line between right and wrong. It is a good practice to have as much information as possible before taking the dip. Talk to a fellow gym mate,  ask your trainer or read articles on the supplement you wish to take. Do it all, whatever it takes to get more information on the supplement. Never hurry up on using supplement just because you feel ready.

CrazyBulkReason 4: Not Picking Protein

One of the most influential factor while muscle gain is protein intake. Diet adaptation goes parallel with muscle gain. People tend to focus less on protein intake and let the muscle gain slip away. While it is the most important aspect as it can balance out the harsh training. Health author Alex Carneiro, recommends the average intake of 1.3 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Only for the people training to gain muscle. Protein sources like eggs, dairy products, fish etc contain different types of proteins. Hence, it is a good practice to mix up your diet to gain muscles faster.

Reason 5: Shake it to make it

We sometimes tend to follow a monotonous training routine. This not only deplores out interest and motivation but also muscle gain. Each week try to mix a variety of cardio exercises, functional training etc so as to achieve more muscle gain. Variety also encourages motivation. In order to update when necessary, it is important to track bodybuilding activities. I personally recommend fitness apps to track fitness. However, it is always okay to rely on good old pen and paper.

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