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Gram Multitool 2 is an Instagram automation bot used by individuals and businesses to boost Instagram engagement quickly. In order for GMT2 to work effectively, you need to know how to use it correctly and that means, following some guidelines to ensure it works. If you want to grow your Instagram audience, Gram Multitool is a great choice. In terms of its efficiency, ease of use and price, it is considered one of the best online Instagram bots. Therefore, let us show you in this Gram Multitool 2 review how to use it right and help boost your Instagram followers, likes and overall engagements.

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What is Gram Multitool?

GMT2 as it’s also known is essentially an Instagram growth service. Instead of manually increasing your Instagram, you let Gram Multitool 2 do it for you. It performs tasks such as following and unfollowing users, liking posts, scheduling posts and even sending direct messages. Using automation software often referred to as Instagram bots, gmt2 is a fast and easy route to social media success.

Here are some gmt2 features:

  • Full automation

  • Advanced analytics

  • Personalization

  • Easy to use

  • Budget-friendly

And here are Gram Multitool 2 automated activities:

  • Auto-follow

  • Auto-like

  • Auto-unfollow

  • Auto-comment

  • Auto-like

  • Schedule posts

  • Direct message

  • Delete posts

  • Repost

  • Filters

  • Live stream

  • Emoji

  • Spintax

  • Hashtag creation

Nonetheless, Gram Multitool 2 is not con-free. You can easily get suspended or banned from Instagram for using bots. For that reason, we intend to provide you with as much useful information on using gram multitool 2 for Instagram so you don’t run that risk.

How to use Gram Multitool 2

Instagram can take a long time to grow. If you are patient and you have the dedication to put in a great deal of effort into growing your Instagram audience, go ahead. Many successful grammers approve of this method. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of time and you want to boost it easier and faster, Gram Multitool 2 is a popular alternative. Unfortunately, it’s not one of those download and you’re ready kind of programs. You do need to know the basics of using GMT2. So we are here to help you in this gmt2 review.

First of all, install gmt2 after purchasing a license. One it has been approved on your dashboard, you can download gram multi tool 2 from the download page of the site. Install and let the program load automatically. Login and add your Instagram account. You will also be asked for gmt2 proxy. Many users log in with a proxy just for safety reasons, especially if they are creating several or more accounts. In that case, use more gram multi tool 2 proxies.

Gram Multitool 2 Templates

Now it’s time to download a gmt2 template. Templates are established settings many people use so they do not need to setup everything themselves. In other words, it’s just way easier! You will see that there are no templates available simply because you need to download them. Just search throough Gram multitool templates and browse the ones available there. In order to download one, you will need to enter the template’s digits into the input field of the dialog requesting a 5 digit code after clicking the globe icon.

Use the warm up or tutorial template to make things easier for yourself. Once that’s done, right click the template on the gram multitool 2 program and click Load Template. Then you’re done!

Gram Multitool 2 Settings

Now it is time to set up your Gram Multi Tool 2 account settings. If you click on the gmt2 settings tab, you will see a list of modules. These gram multitool modules include all the different automation features the program offers. You just need to adjust them accordingly. For instance, it is not a good idea to immediately run the gmt2 follow module with a 200 follow max setting. Remember that you need to look as natural as possible to Instagram. If you start following hundreds of people from day one, they are going to get suspicious.

There is not one set recommendation for these gmt2 module settings. Although, if you read Gram Multitool 2 reviews, people will say they seen most success by starting small. That means following no more than 10 people on the first day, then 5 more on the second, and gradually increasing the follow settings.

Gram Multitool 2 DM

First things first: avoid messaging on gmt2 for the first week. Most people experience problems with the gram multitool dm module because it can be quite tricky to use and the module most commonly responsible for getting you banned. However, it must not be ignored. After all, sending dms on gram multitool 2 is a great way to reach your audience. You can also send a welcome dm to new followers.

To do this, click on the dm module and then enable the Monitor New Followers option at the bottom. Now you can add as many gmt2 dms as you like. It is advised to use gmt2 spintax when sending pms.

Make sure your Gram Multitool 2 dm settings are within reasonable limits. Always try to think what looks natural to Instagram. If the delay after and between each operation is not even humanly possible, Instagram will notice it and it won´t be long before you get banned.

Gmt2 FAQ

Let´s crack Gram Multitool 2 with these questions and answers. Unfortunately there isn´t a great deal of information about Gram Multitool 2 so we are going to try and help you as much as possible. Here are just a few FAQ´s you can use when you start using gmt 2.

Do I need to use a proxy?

If you are planning on running more than one account on gram multitool 2, it is essential to use proxies to hide your device. If you don’t use a gmt2 proxy, your accounts could easily get blocked. It should be the first thing you do when you first gmt2 login. Add the proxy when you add your account. Ensure you purchase proxies from reliable providers that are not blocked by Instagram.

Will GMT2 still work when my PC is off?

No. Gram Multitool 2 is a local software that needs to be run on your PC. When you switch off your PC, the program will stop running.

How do I avoid interacting with the same users?

Gram Multitool 2 blacklists and whitelists prevent this from happening. You can add interacted users on your GMT2 blacklist so they won’t be interacted with anymore. You can find this feature in nearly every module. As for the Gram Multitool 2 whitelist, this can only be found in the unfollow module and its sole purpose is to inform the unfollow module of users that must not be unfollowed.

Where can I find a full Gram Multitool 2 tutorial?

You can get a gmt2 tutorial directly on the website. If you head to the grammultitool website click on the tutorials tab at the top and you will find plenty of information on there.

Is Gram Multitool 2 safe?

The company’s first priority is the safety of your account. Gram Multi tool imitates the Instagram app so that it is undetectable by the social media program. It also contains numerous built-in safety features to ensure the well being of your account. Is gmt2 safe? It’s as safe as they can make it.

GMT2 vs Jarvee

Many people wonder is gram multitool 2 or jarvee better? Of course there are many different automation bots available, but the success of your Instagram growth depends on choosing the right program. Gram Multitool 2 is safe, affordable, and offers a dozen different features. Jarvee offers fast support, safety and is easy to use. Overall, both are quite equal in terms of their benefits. GMT2 price is just cheaper than Jarvee. Gram Multitool 2 price is $10 per month, whereas Jarvee pricing is between $29.95 and $99.95 per month.

GMT2 Pricing

In comparison to other recommended bots for Instagram, Gram Multitool 2 is the most affordable by far. The Gmt2 price is only $10 per month with premium and unlimited support. The average monthly fee for competing bot programs is around $30. So that’s an amazing deal. Just so you know, this automation tool only runs on Windows. Sorry Mac users!

The gram multitool 2 free trial means you can test it out for yourself beforehand to see what you think. Register for the gmt2 free 3 day trial to see what you think.

Gram Multitool Download

Are you ready to start growing your Instagram accounts? Instead of doing it manually which takes a lot of time and effort, let Gram Multitool 2 do the following, liking, posting and DM-ing for you. At just $10 per month, it’s a small amount of money to invest into your project. Test the waters, get a feel for it, and see what you think. If you read Blackhatworld gmt2 reviews, you will see that many people have experienced substantial success with this program. You see, it’s not about working harder – it’s about working smarter and the way to do that is by letting this best Instagram bot do it for you, so you can devote more time to other things. Gram Multitool 2 makes Instagram success easier.