Green Coffee: All there is to know about

When you first think of coffee several things come mind… The early morning dose of Americano to start right your daily routine. All the way through the night with a shot of espresso to keep up with school assignments. It can also be a relaxing cup of hot latte on a rainy day, a cappuccino or iced-coffee in a coffee shop date. Coffee has many presentations and can be so versatile… but one thing ties all variants of coffee together: it’s ancestry.

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Coffee has a very distinct smell and bitter taste, some say even a distinct color, but that’s where they’re wrong. The coffee that we are accustomed to consuming has been roasted, grounded and brewed.  Consequently, the chemical structure of the beans is altered. As well as its taste, color and that famous aroma that has made coffee widely popular. As we mentioned before, coffee comes with a large history behind. Going back to the 15th century where coffee was first introduced, East-Africans used it for the energizing and revitalizing effect.

Nonetheless, typical brewed coffee contains 40 mg caffeine per 100 gram and no essential nutrients in significant content. That’s where the green coffee steps in. As it is unprocessed, the health benefits remain unaltered too. Green coffee beans owe their health status to chlorogenic acid and lower levels of caffeine. Here we will tell you all the benefits you could get from adding green coffee beans to your diet.

  • Energizing effect

Improve your performance! Consuming a cup of green coffee prior to physical exercising can increase your usual execution. It stimulates the central nervous system in a way that increases your intensity and concentration levels.  It can also decrease the feeling of fatigue.

  • Antioxidant

Green coffee contains many antioxidant properties that can help slow down the various effects of aging. Chlorogenic acid is responsible for most of these antioxidant properties of the green coffee bean.

  • Helps regulate glucose levels

According to certain scientific studies, the properties of green coffee extract include a reduction in blood sugar or glucose levels and loss of body weight, which represents an extraordinary alternative to achieve optimal control of diabetes.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Green coffee is very suitable for elderly people suffering from arthritis and/or rheumatism. It can also aid those who practice sports and want to improve their muscular state without falling into the use of chemical drugs that can generate collateral damage.

  • Accelerates metabolism rates

The chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee accelerates the body’s metabolism and prevents the liver from discharging more glucose into the bloodstream. This activates a process called thermogenesis in which if glucose is lacking in the bloodstream, the body burns more fat cells. Resulting in faster fat and calorie burning.

  • Recommended for weight loss

Some researches indicate that green coffee has the ability to dissolve fats that accumulate in the body and, therefore, help you lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the addition of green coffee beans could make positive changes to your health.

  • A sense of fullness

Taking a cup of green coffee gives us a feeling of fullness for a longer time. It is recommended to consume when having a lot of appetites or when you get a false feeling of hunger caused by anxiety of boredom.

  • Improve concentration levels

Consuming green coffee serves to increase brain activity. As a result, the capacity to concentrate and pay attention increase, as so does memory. It is recommended for periods of stress, studying or when doing demanding work or obligations.

  • Reduces blood pressure

As mentioned before, this is due to the properties of chlorogenic acid. The recommended dose to be able to regulate high blood pressure is half a cup a day.

Lastly, other benefits of green coffee:

• Prevents the formation of gallstones and kidney stones.• Helps stop addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

• Detoxifies the body from environmental pollutants.

• Stimulates physical activity.

• Helps digestion.

• Combats migraine.

• Has an anti-cellulite effect.

It is important that viewing green coffee beans as an all mighty solution to all our problems could lead to serious health risks and complications. You should regulate the dosage of green coffee and be consistent and rigorous with your diet to really see the benefits payout.

This is the perfect combination for all the coffeeholics, fitness junkies and people interested in all-natural products. And everyone who wants to improve their health by maintaining their personal routines. So, let’s not lose the habit of a cup of coffee in the morning and implement this delicious alternative to our lifestyles.

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