How Instagram Can Boost Your Business

Instagram is rapidly becoming the leading business social networking site in the world. It is necessary to hurry up to not miss the chance to hop in the last car.


There are several tips, which will definitely help you to use Instagram for the benefit of your business.

Create your Portfolio:

One of the most typical ways of employing Instagram for business is the presentation of products through it. Your task is to create an attractive page with the reviews of your products and services. Pay the special attention to pictures and design. As the main focus of Instagram is putted on visual data, it is highly recommended to design your page in one color scheme. Also, one of the important rules for success is – to stand out from the crowd. It means that your pictures as well as texts should be original and non-standard. For example, without any doubts, the photo of goods (e.g. toys) decomposed on the shelves of the store will not catch the capture of anyone.

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Advertise through Instagram: 

Instagram itself also proposes the method for the presentation of goods and services for the broad audience. It is paid contextual advertising. You may choose one or several of your most attractive posts and apply them for it. They will appear in the news feeds of those, who are not your current followers but potentially may become them. Nevertheless, the special attention in this case should be paid to targeting. You should clearly understand who compose your desired audience. For example, if you sell the products for kids, it is recommended to concentrate advertising mostly on women, aged from 20 to 50 as they are the most active buyers in this segment.

Apply for the Review of Independent Influencers: 

Nevertheless, self-advertisement is not enough. People tend to rely more on public opinion. Due to it, the good idea, to create positive reputation of your business, is to apply for the review of independent bloggers or so-called influencers. You may propose them to write the review of  your products or services after the free trial of them. However, you should be very attentive in this case. Firstly, it is recommended to choose only the bloggers with the high level of public trust. Otherwise, you risk to spend money in vain. Secondly, please, do not put any pressure on bloggers. Rood behavior or the attempts of cheating may not only destroy the collaboration but also reputation of your business.

Create your Personal Brand: 

There is even something much more effective than simple bloggers’ reviews. It is the decision to become a blogger yourself. It is a well-known fact that people crave for drama. Especially, the interest is guaranteed if this drama consists of someone’s personal life. Why not give them a chance to enjoy your one? You may write about the history of your business creation, the pitfalls of your chosen area, the combination of work and private life, the amounts of possible gains and loses, etc. Remember, that more piquant themes attract more followers. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you actually should show your all “underwear” for display. You are the only one, who decide to what extent to reveal the features of backstage. Moreover, try to lead your page sincerily without excessive idealization. Simplicity and honesty are always  perceived with trust and positive feedback

Engage Audience: 

Nowadays, many people treat Instagram as their family. They spend the lion’s share of their time on this site. To gain their recognition, you should treat them accordingly. In other words, people should feel your involvement. Firstly, you should not forget to ask your audience direct questions: “What is your opinion about…?”, “How will you behave in this situation?”, etc.  Secondly, the other efficient way is to organize SFS. This method of mutual advertising will not only help to increase your audience but also understand in what way you are accepted by followers. Finally, you may organize giveaways with the main prize – the product or service of your business. This type of competition will increase the activity on your page and become one more method for self-advertising.

Although there are many pieces of advice how to use Instagram to boost your business, you should remember that there are no universal method, guaranteeing 100% efficiency . Each separate sphere is unique. Therefore, you should carefully consider the peculiarity of your case. Nevertheless, there is one fact about Instagram, which is true for every entrepreneur. 

Instagram is a global screen, gathering together many sellers, buyers, and critics. Not to use its opportunities is similar to not to use microphone, singing  for the big audience on the stadium.

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