Skyrocket Your Business Through Instagram

We will tell you all the tips and tricks to get your up-and-coming business to trend on social media. Back in the day, advertisement seemed like a costly way to get people to know your brand. Being on TV or radio commercials appeared to be only an option for big companies such as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s. Startup companies had to stick to yellow pages or voice-to-voice advertisements. This has all been changed thanks to free social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Nowadays, many brands stay strictly to Instagram or owe their popularity to the app. In fact, we will now tell you all there is to know to get your business to skyrocket through Instagram.

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The Holy Instagram Guide

  1. Define your business idea:

Before starting any sort of advertisement, you need to have a clear idea of what you are promoting. It all starts at your username and description. It has to be short and catchy. No matter if your business is sports or fashion related, or something more corporate. The idea is to appeal to your target audience. Or to attract new audiences by having an account that makes sense to your business. Try by searching on Instagram for what your demographic searches and commonly likes.

2. Have a clear aesthetic:

Once again, on Instagram, visuals are everything! It doesn’t matter if it’s all bright and colorful or black and white. The rule is: it has to be consistent. Same font or same overall aesthetic will get people to instantly recognize your brand.

3. Instagram tools:

Some insights that Instagram offers for businesses are:

Impressions: How many times your content was viewed.
Reach: Total number of unique accounts that viewed a piece of content.
Website clicks: How many clicks the link in your business profile has received.
Follower activity: How often your followers are on Instagram daily.
Video views: How often your video content has been viewed.
Saves: How many people have saved your posts.

And a study on your demographics.

If you check this regularly you will have a one-up onto what to post next.

4. Instagram Stories:

These are images that flow from one to the next in a slideshow and last 24 hours. This feature has rapidly become the make-or-break of a brand. Stories offer you so many opportunities to reach new people, and just like your normal posts and content, it has to follow the main aesthetic. But with stories, you get the chance to get more personal with your audience. Post some boomerangs, behind the scenes, interesting facts, relevant quote images. All by personalizing the content. But don’t overuse this powerful tool because people could end up skipping them altogether, missing some promos or key-information.

5. Buy followers and likes

You can also save yourself a lot of time and buy Instagram likes. This is actually more popular than you would think but it does work.

Marketing Instagram 101

  1. Advertising on Instagram:

Engage with your audience: Studies have shown that people don’t like seeing cookie-cutter advertisements while they look through social media. A way to make your brand more easygoing and likable is to interact with people by liking and answering their comments, tagging them, posting a picture of one of your followers with your product with a caption that doesn’t feel automatically generated. People need to feel reliability to your brand.

2. Influencers:

Collab! Brand deals are a big feature on Instagram. Even though this might represent an additional cost to your business, it brings a huge reward to your page. Many businesses have started to devote an amount of money to online Influencers. Having a familiar and likable face promote your product can make wonders. You must choose an influencer that best represents the vibe of your brand. Their cost depends on their following and the type of content they will produce: an Instagram story, a post on their Instagram, a post on your Instagram with a link in bio, a mention or shotout. It can all help.

3. Instagram posts:

After following your main aesthetic, posting regularly on your Instagram story, you must not forget the main key to Instagram: your posts. It’s important to keep them in check by posting not too often and not too little. One post a day or two can keep people interested in visiting your page. Also, choose a time for posting; Some polls say the best time to post it’s between 7 pm to 9 pm. Even though, you must analyze if your followers are active at that point.