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5 Surprising Habits That Could Be Aging You Prematurely

Habits are the real ways to get the success in any field . Habits gives  power, inspiration, maturity, discipline etc.

It works in any field .Today we are looking that animals are also living their life nice with the good habit. So that so many people are keeping PETS near to them.

With every angle if we will study the successful people’s history . You will definitely understand that every person who is running on good habit has a part of good success. Leading his life peacefully, happily with no any issues.

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Suppose some students have bad habit to get up late in the morning . They are thinking that what i have to do with getting early? If i didn’t have any work . Or is there need early rising  means getting success? Like these questions comes in the so many people’s mind .

But suppose you are getting late in the morning & have completed your all tasks in time & suddenly you have call from company  for interview in short time .Now tell me if you have not done your regular task at proper time can you reach that interview within time? May be you have left your breakfast.Suppose you have train at right time & you reached late to catch the train then can you carry your interview at proper time?

So our good habits creates our luck. Keeps every person tight along with good confidence.Works as a good fuel for supporting your life. Good habits always boosts your confidence, creates positive energy , works on your inner potential, gives good feeding to our mind , creates positive energy & gives good inspiration to the other person also. 

Sometimes we are working with good energy but still we can’t complete our regular work . Due to laziness  or any other bad habit .That is chitchatting, gossiping wasting energy in lying on the bed also creates bad habit with us & we spoil our life in it.

Good habits are making man perfect. So that in Indian culture there are so many rituals which are working on habits .That creates good health along with material success.


For example In India there is a ritual to get up early in the morning for singing Devotee songs .

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These Devotee songs gives good energy to us to keep our day in balancing in any situation. It maybe positive or negative but we can overcome any situation with our good habits ..


LED Face MaskI think that habits creates discipline & discipline makes every work better. We know that in daily life well disciplined people are always away from common people.Common people’s are always teasing them that he is a bad person, so strict &  having no any common sense etc. I think some Indian’s God are sitting in the underground or at the top of peak due to their well disciplined habits & maybe they think that common people are making them unwillingly corrupt , they didn’t like it. So to get peace & purity for spiritual work they have taken these places for them .But today with the name of business we making these places also dirty & impure.  Increasing pollution. Working with body for material success makes them impure.

Now let us we will see WHAT 5 HABITS  MAKES US PREMATURE. 

1]  Getting up early in the morning 

2] Keeping things at proper place. 

3] Eating fresh prepared food 

 4] Worshiping or praying to God regularly at proper time makes man perfect.His life run on God’s faith.He can ready to accept any challenges at any time. Works better for anything. Having politeness, humble nature. Creates sensitivity, compassion etc .Working for humanity .Keeps his life well disciplined. Gives  good feedback to everyone by leaving his ego , create unconditional love for front person .Never works for any worst politics or to get the material success.  

5] Avoiding  addictions  keeps away from so many greed. 

6] Always working on inner potential gives good results to everyone. 


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