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How To Make Your Own Cosmetics

Cosmetic is the first love of any girl, just talking about it can get eyes rolling. Imagine the joy behind being a part of the entire cosmetic making process. To be a part from the start till the very end. All of it. Great! isn’t it? Well, the moment does not fade here. It is not just being a part of it but to become the most important part! Making your own cosmetics can not only give you better quality but also induce a sense of confidence while using one. Moreover, it can save you a lot of money. In the next few blocks let us discuss the methods and benefits of homemade cosmetics.

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The Common Cosmetic

Only if you answered before reading the next line I can give you the guessing points? Well, let’s give the point and praise any way. It is the “SCRUB”. Most common yet vital form of cosmetic. All of us are constant friends with scrub irrespective of our age. Imagine the wonders of making it at home. You can dictate the color, fragrance and most importantly the contents of the scrub. The scrub can be made using many fruits you just have to google it to get the benefits mix and match a little bit. I personally tried Kiwi scrub. My face felt very soft after the scrub my face felt very soft. A scrub is a good option to freshen up a tired face. The good some nutrients in the fruits fastens the healing process and cleanses the face.

Magical Moisturizer

Moisturizer had to be on the list. Moisturizer is our little winter soldier. There are a lot of ingredients that can be mixed together to form different purpose moisturizers. I personally follow a moisturizer recipe which includes three easily available ingredients. I call it the “Essence of Lavander” well with that I gave away one ingredient. The other two are coconut oil and liquid vitamin E. Also make sure to add around 10-12 drops of lavender essential oil. Lavender oil is an essential member of this recipe because it contains powerful anti-oxidants. Lavender’s property protects your skin against free radical. Coconut oil is included because of its antibacterial, and antifungal property. Moreover, coconut oil is nourishing.

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Doing the Deodorant

Meeting a new person can be challenging at times. The natural body scent can make it more difficult. While good fragrance can be the game changer. The human mind has a natural inclination towards people smelling good compared otherwise. Homemade deodorant is, of course, a better alternative to machine made. The deodorant sure takes time to make but is a lot healthier. We need three ingredients to make the deodorant. Baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter that ends the list. You can also add essential oils to the recipe. To begin with melt butter and coconut oil. Just before the melting add baking powder and take it off flames. Add essential oils and see cool it down to a beautiful deodorant stick. Discount Coupon
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Magical Mouthwash

I know, I could have given a better title. I was compelled by the mesmerizing effects of the home-made mouthwash. It left me no choice but to throw away the other one! Mouthwash can be as important as a mascara. I have no doubt that adding mouthwash to your cosmetics can add grace. Again, we will only use three ingredients for this product. Baking powder (expected, right?), two drops tea tree essential oil and two drops peppermint essential oil. Take half a cup of water and mix the ingredients well and there you have it! home-made mouthwash. Baking soda settles down so always shake well before using the mouthwash. Mouthwash available in stores is very rough in nature.

Unfortunately, the list had to end here! I hope you enjoyed reading and can take a recipe or two from this post. I enjoy the joy of using home-made cosmetics each day. This post was an effort to educate and encourage people about home-made cosmetics. Home-made cosmetics are inexpensive and pure. They will easily replace the store cosmetics in near future.

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