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10 Ways To Ease Depression

How to remove depression? Keep these points with you to remove depression. Are you ready to overcome depression? IN today’s period, this word is famous all over the world .Everyone is facing this problem. There are a lot of reasons behind it but i can’t explain here why this problem ? Only we shall discuss here how to overcome it? 

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How to Fight Depression Without Medication

I  will give you simple tips to overcome it: 

1] Learn meditation along with the good teacher & work on exercise .

2] Take part in so many activities as like playing , singing, writing, reading , laughing, acting anywhere but engage your self.

3] Always try to be fresh don’t think that i am in depression .

Learn to face some negative activities , along with negative people or increase your acceptance capacity.

4] To overcome depression, must have an art that how to convert negative energy in to positive?

What Is Depression?

5] Do not blame to anyone for your any activity it create anxiety or ego & increases depression.

6] Learn to remove your ego & mix with all people , talk to neighbors when you are free, talk to your relatives, go to your friend’s home or relatives home it will give supporting atmosphere & you will be easily free  from  any tension.

7] Keep in mind energy of any person is better than any costly thing to remove depression so never think that this person is not good for me. Create positive energy for each & every person so that you can remain happy in any situation .

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8] If depression came due to any physical injury then take good supplement of proteins from the market or buy it online.

9]  Connect with God for any questions & deal with him .Keep complete faith on him. He didn’t give any tension to you & if it will come he will help to remove it .

10] Always be loyal, humble, loving in nature & check you, is i am working on sensitivity, compassion, devotion for others etc .

11]Work with nature, get ready to accept challenges in life. Challenges removes our depression & giving us good power to work. 


12] If you are weak to do physical work then engage in hobby like reading, writing, painting, gardening etc .

13] If you didn’t have interest in these things then you go to the neighbor’s home or your friends home.If he/she is not available then call him on phone .If he will interested to come in your home then invite him in your home.

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14]She is not coming alone to your home but with her she is bringing some energy with her. That energy will motivate you ,gives inspiration to keep away depression. Keep your mind great so that you can exchange your thoughts, or any financial help with them.

11 Natural Treatments For Depression:

15] Do not think that every time i am right or wise & i know every thing instead listen carefully what front person is telling to you ? Keep faith on him to build strong relationship with him .

16] Always Work For Devotion .

As devotion gives you power & keeps you away from all mental stress, fear, worries, pressure & makes mind strong. 

17] Sometimes Comparison Creates A Lot Of Depression.Today comparison is the main reason of depression.

17]Front person has brought a big TV.If it is not brought at my home definitely i will become disappoint & carrying depression. To keep wish  to bring TV is not a bad idea but for that creating comparison, jealousy is creating negative energy towards me & it is harmful to us. So learn to be away from comparison.


18] I think we must have to keep comparison of learning good things that is humanity, compassion, loving nature  etc .That is he has loving nature then i must have to learn that to keep this nature with me.

19] Sometimes keeping more desires also creating depression. Keep the desires which are realistic & can complete with our ability.

Otherwise if i do not able or deserve to deal  with it  can create a lot of problems. Some people becomes bankruptcy for it.

The whole family have to be suffer for it. 

20] Be thankful to the GOD what you have .


NuLeaf Naturals Coupon Code: pg15Always keep gratitude for elders , natural things as like air, water, soil, plants, flowers, animals , trees, forests,rivers, oceans, mountains etc so that your energy will get spread positively to them & it will give you good feed back for it.

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If you will keep all these points with you then will never touch to the depression in your life. So keep all these points with you & be ready to take blessing of GOD .God is always blessing to all. thanks.

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