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5 Surprising Habits That Could Be Aging You Prematurely

No one wants to see wrinkles on their face. Everyone is trying to keep their face fresh and happy. But as winter gets started our skin becomes as dry and tired looking. It´s time for therapy for the skin. We have to make effort to keep our skin looking youthful. That is why I want to share my anti-aging skin secrets with you.

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Let us see here what we have to do

Here are some useful tips you can follow to keep your skin looking young.

1]   Use warm water to wash the face; do not use more cold or more hot water.

2] Do not use chemical soaps as they contain chemicals & it makes harshness on our skin. This causes skin contracts or creating a lot of wrinkles on the face. If possible use Ayurveda face wash or easily wash your face with gram Dal flour along with milk.

3]  While sleeping apply coconut oil or Vaseline on the face or body. Take the dark sleep at night .

4] Never think that my skin is not good , think yourself that I am a beautiful lady. And I will be remain always beautiful. But do not think I am only beautiful lady this also creates a lot of tension & causes so many problems & it effects on our health.

5] Do not keep so many dust in your mind , remove your dust by talking to your near one or talk to the person about whom you have a lot of issues, anything  doubts in relationship. For it if you need to be quarrel , quarrel with him or her to make your mind clean & after sometimes meet him & make both’s mind clear & clean.

6] Do not become overconfident thinking that I am always right & all other people are wrong .This thinking is very dangerous for life. It never gives you chance to mix with another people .It can affect on your health. This causes

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7] Avoid to drink more times coffee or tea instead of it drink milk in the morning.

8] Keep your attention on digestion . Worst digestion also creates problems on the face as like pimples, black patches wrinkles  etc.

9] Always keep faith on yourself & on God .That God is doing everything right .If  any bad situation come in my life it gives me some lesson for life.

10] Avoid greed, pressure, comparison, etc as it creates unhappiness & unhappiness disturbs your face’s look.Sometimes it brings early maturity.

Be Strong

11]  Be strong for any situation means in this  period we have to face a lot of challenges & at that time we are going in depression. & so our skin suddenly become old looking so be fit internally so that no one or anyone’s bad thought never effects on your mind so that you could be always free from fear.

12] Remove your ego & mix with everyone so that you could feel light every time as ego creates heavy feeling in our mind & we can’t enjoy any moment of life freely & we lost our happiness .It effects on our skin.

13]  Keep purity of your body as well as mind. Pray for it every day half an hour or worship to God.

14]  Don’t produce purposely any artificial behavior with copied acting but be natural every time.

NuLeaf Naturals Coupon Code: pg1515] Accept every situation every person as it is, then work on it lovingly ,it could make  atmosphere free.

16] Try to be remain away from so much artificial things & be free from any negative thoughts.

17] Avoid  to suppress any thought in your mind but make your mind clean by telling to anyone.

18] Always think that I am a Beauty Queen of the world & always appreciate yourself as it is.

19 ]  Real ornaments of any lady is  sensitivity, compassion, love, adjustment, compromise & working on emotions. Order Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil.

20]  Always pray for others, work for others, love to everyone this will make you  definitely ‘’BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE WORLD’’.