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5 Surprising Habits That Could Be Aging You Prematurely – And What You Can Do About It

Imagine if all of us had a boon. I am sure 90% of us would rush to cash it on immortal youth! No human on this planet likes aging.

Humans being is a fragile creation. A creation that is basically decomposing each instance. Stopping or outliving the natural aging is possible only in imagination. All that we can do slow down the process. Yes, the process can happen prematurely and yes there are preventive measures to slow the process. In order to keep aging in check, you should evaluate and change whatever is necessary. Further, we will discuss 5 Surprising habits that could be aging you prematurely and what can you do about it!

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Root-cause Analysis

Mathematicians will have no time understanding the term. Non-mathematical group like myself had to draw up a google search just to understand the phrase. Basically, it means investigating the reason for the occurrence of a phenomenon.  We don’t just stop there after investigating we curb the root only to watch the aging tree fall! Hold my beer and watch me surprise you with information.

Essentials: Smoking and Drinking!

The answer is No I was not bragging in the previous block. Although Yes! it is something that a kid would know. However, how much do we do to prevent it. The equation here is life + smoking + drinking = money plus aging. I am confident all of us understands what life without these addictions would look like! One word if I may? Young! Smoking can impact the face aging significantly. In fact to an extent that the damage could be irreversible. If you want to look your age then you should do exactly opposite of smoking.

Drinking too much alcohol can result in depleting antioxidants in the skin. What happens when antioxidants deplete? Yes, fast aging! There is one exception in drinking though which is wine. Actually, wine can help reduce the pace of aging. Wow! that is like hitting two targets at once. Of course, until you drink a moderate quantity of wine it is just fine.

Again how much is the moderation:

The American Heart Association recommends alcohol in moderation. Less than or equal to one to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. One drink is equal to four ounces of wine.

Thank me later!

Sleep like a pro!

A machine operates properly if maintained well. The human mechanism is no different. It requires a good night sleep to function and look well. Not sleeping for even one day can make you look old almost instantly. Generally, a healthy person would fall asleep in seven minutes. However, with modern day stress, it can be troublesome to fall asleep. Set the mood by putting slow music on low volume. Make your room smell good, use fragrances, clean up if required. Make yourself and surroundings as much comfortable as you can. Getting a good night sleep can make wonders. Make sure to sleep face up. No jokes I promise! Sleeping with your face buried in the pillow can make wrinkles on your face. WIth time the wrinkles grow permanent resulting in an older look.

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Sabotaging Emotions!

Anger and grudge can aid in premature aging. Harboring these sabotaging emotions is not going to do any good. In fact, these emotions will invade your personal productivity and toxicate your personality. Nobody looks young with a red face filled with anger. It could only possibly suit old people. So why don’t you let the task come to us at the proper age? For now, we only do two things: forgive and forget. Holding grudges can induce negativity which in turn triggers premature aging.

NuLeaf Naturals Coupon Code: pg15Screen Time is Age Time

Potentially longer screen time can affect your eyes and wrinkle your neck. While watching the mobile screen just before sleep can intrude the natural rhythm of the body. Hampered rhythm can damage sleeping pattern. Disturbance in the sleeping pattern can result in dark circles which can make you look old. For the same reason, we should keep the overall screen time to less than three hours. Your neck suffers greatly while you are holding the mobile as it has to bend in the process. This stress can form wrinkles and make you look older. If your job demands more screen time. Then, to maintain the natural posture of the neck keep the computer on a table with good height.

Disturbing Diet!

In this block, we are going to talk about the impact of an unhealthy diet on aging. Too much of everything is always bad. When we are discussing premature aging it is eminent not to rule out this factor. Too much consumption of fast food can devoid human body of essential foods. The damage caused due to the absence of nutrients can be catastrophic. It is about time you replace high sugar foods with vegetables and fruits. Moderation is the key to healthy human life.

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