Reading Head Start

Reading head start is the best choice. Teaching your child to read from an early age can benefit your child in a number of ways: neurologically, psychologically, linguistically and socially. It has even been reported that children who learn to read early are destined to be more academically successful than those who learn later. But how can you teach your child to read without it draining all your time and energy? When you already have a to-do list as long as your arm, how is it possible to teach a child to read without it being just another chore to add to the list? The answer is easy – Reading Head Start.

Head Start Reading Program

The solution lies in finding a good reading program. And the Reading Head Start program is one of the most highly-rated programs on the market, created by a parent who was dealing with the same issues as you. This interactive reading program is unlike any other reading program available thanks to its unique learning techniques. And there’s no age restriction on this program. If you want to know how to teach a 4-year-old to read or even a 3-year-old, this program has the potential of teaching your child to read in as fast as 30 days.

Keep reading to hear more about the importance of reading for children, what this course can do for your child, the pros and cons of the program, as well as a Reading Head Start review. If you scroll down right to the bottom, you’ll also find a direct link to where you can order.

When do kids learn to read?

The majority of children learn to read by 6 years of age. However, some children learn as early as 4 years old. The truth is, the earlier a child learns to read the better. And if they learn to read before school starts, that’s even better because they’ll have a head start and will be less likely to deal with reading problems. It’s also said that a child who learns to read at an early age is more likely to experience more successful later in life. And who doesn’t want that for their child?

What are the benefits of reading to children?

One way you can help your children develop their reading ability is by reading to them. There is an importance of reading to children because it helps build numerous foundational skills, provides a model of fluent reading, and also introduces vocabulary. If you want your child to be a good reader, one of the best things you can do is read aloud to them. Overall, there are endless benefits of reading to your child. From children reading books to adult reading books, everything is material for a young child’s brain.

How to teach a child to read

Teach Your Child To ReadNow let’s get to the part on how you can actually teach your child to read. It’s easier said than done. From teaching them the phonetic alphabet to showing them what words mean, teaching a child to read is no easy task and can take up a lot of your time. That’s why many parents invest in a reading program or a reading teacher. But not all of them are worth your money. Some of them make false claims that they can teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons but then when it comes down to it, they can’t live up to their promises. They’re also not always much fun for your child. Seeing as children have a short attention span, it’s vital that a program is fun for a child so that they don’t lose the motivation to learn.

That’s why many parents love Reading Head Start. This reading program is guaranteed to improve your child’s reading ability in a way that is fun and exciting so that your child will never get bored. Scroll down to read more about the program.

What is Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is an e-book designed to teach your child to read in a fast and fun way. It was created by Sarah Shepard, a mother herself and an English teacher. She started the course after her 6-year-old son received a poor grade in English. Embarrassed at the fact that she was an English teacher, she instantly searched for research studies in order to find a way to teach her son to read better. Hence the birth of Reading Head Start.

Reading Head Start is a unique process that is broken down into 4 phases. On each phase, you will receive different exercises, reading videos, workbooks, and interactive games. Parents are required to devote 15 minutes of their time to guide their child through the learning phases. And the good news is, you won’t have to fear a restless child. Thanks to the fun learning process, your child will be anything but bored as they work their way through this course. They’ll also be more motivated to complete this course thanks to the certificate of completion that is issued to them at the end of each phase.

This e-book can be downloaded from the website straight into any digital device, from your computer to your smartphone in the PDF format.

Why does it work so well?

Parents are always looking for the best way to teach a child to read. What makes Reading Head Smart so unique is that their techniques can be found nowhere else. So what techniques do they use exactly?

  1. Linguistic development

    Your child will learn how to develop their vocabulary and communication skills.

  2. Psychological development

    When kids learn to read, they experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem. The certificate of completion they’ll receive at the end of each level enhances that experience.

  3. Social development

    It will improve your child’s social skills and enable them to interact with their peers, as well as other people, which is a vital life skill.

  4. Neurological development

    It will help to develop your child’s brain and strengthen brain cells.

With children reading books, phonics games, videos, and reading and phonics worksheets, the Reading Head Start Program includes everything you need to teach your child to read.

What is phonics?

Reading Head StartLet us define phonics for you. Phonics is basically the first strategy used to teach children how to read. Once children learn the phonetic alphabet and phonetic symbols, they are able to develop their reading skills and it will also provide them with a genuine love of reading. Phonics is essentially all about sound and what sounds make up words. This enables children to learn to read words, as well as how to spell words.

But Sarah Shepard applies different techniques in her Reading Head Start program. While you will find phonics techniques, Shepard discovered that teaching a child a word by breaking up the letter of each word and then teaching them the sounds of each letter works more effectively.

Advantages of Reading Head Start

User-friendly system

Teach Your Child To ReadTeaching a child to read doesn’t need to be a difficult chore anymore. With the award-winning Reading Head Start program, all you have to do is sit next to your child,  press the play button, and the videos will teach you what to do next. You only need to dedicate 15 minutes per day, three times a week, until your child completes all four phases. And you can go through each lesson at your own pace, so there’s no need to rush.

It’s effective

Research has proven that the Reading Head Start program is an effective method of teaching kids to read. It lives up to its promise. Regardless of age, this reading program can enable a child to read in as fast as 30 days.

Learning to read has never been more fun

When you think of teaching your son or daughter to read, you imagine having to spend hours sat next to them each day reading page after page of some now children’s book. With this reading program, that needn’t be the case. Thanks to its interactive games and guides, your child is guaranteed to have fun while learning.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you happen to find yourself unimpressed with this product, you are entitled to ask for a full refund within a year of your purchase. In other words, purchasing the Reading Head Start system is completely risk-free. You have nothing to lose by purchasing this program.


If 15 minutes a day is too much, this isn’t for you

Like with any reading program, this one requires time and commitment. But Reading Head Start requires a lot less time than other reading programs available. You only need to commit to 15 minutes per day with your child, three times per week. But if that is too demanding for you, this reading course is not for you.

It’s online-based

Don’t have reliable internet? This reading course is online-based which means all of the games, workbooks, videos, and exercises can only be accessed online in the member’s area. You will be able to download the e-book straight to your laptop or phone, but other parts of the course will need to be accessed online.

What Parents Are Saying About Reading Head Start

Rachel P. Shares her Reading Head Start review here…
It makes reading a lot more fun

My 7-year-old daughter has been dealing with reading difficulties since she started learning to read. A few months ago, she came home from school upset because she said she couldn’t keep up with the other kids at school. That was when I decided to hire a reading teacher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be. The teacher just didn’t make it interesting enough for my daughter to learn and after a few weeks, I decided to look for another method.

I even tried to teach her myself, using various techniques like interactive phonics games and other teaching reading strategies but we didn’t get very far. Thankfully a friend recommended Reading Head Start to me, which she’d been using for her son which she said worked very well. This program sounded too good to be true. How can a child learn to read in 30 days? It can’t be possible. As you can imagine I was apprehensive at first until I took the risk and ordered it to give it a try.

It was a lot better than I expected and most importantly, fun. My daughter loved this program! Every day when she came home from school she’s hop on to the PC to learn more because she told me it felt more like a game than a lesson. It didn’t take 30 days but within fifty days, I saw a dramatic improvement in her reading and writing. On my daughter’s next report card, she got above average in her class. I couldn’t believe it. Overall, I highly recommend this reading program. Not only is it great for kids, it’s great for parents too because you only need 15 minutes spare. My daughter also loved the certificates she received from completing the levels.

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Teaching your child to read early in their life could help them become more successful in later life. But how many parents have time to teach their child to read? There must be a faster way…

Reading Head Start is an online reading program designed to teach children to read in a fun and exciting way so that they won’t get bored halfway through the program. No matter how young your child is, this program can assist parents to teach their child to read in as little as 30 days! And they only have to dedicate 15 minutes of their time to the course each day, thrice a week. Even baby reading is possible with this program.

Best Reading Intervention Programs

This program includes worksheets, reading videos, interactive games and exercises. It also comes with the following bonuses (free of charge):

  1. Reading shortcuts. Make it simpler for your child to progress with the reading shortcuts program.
  2. Interactive reading games. Designed by top academics, this online game series will enable your child to have fun while they learn.
  3. “The Fun With Words” book series. The program comes with a free book series designed to make learning to read more enjoyable for kids.

Click here to order The Reading Head Start program today with all its FREE bonuses!

Reading Head Start Reviews

Read real customer Reading-Head-Start reviews.

Is ‘Head Start’ having the meaning to discuss or known?

Why in these days most of the Parents having so worried about the little kids towards ‘Head Start’ activity/program?

Our fellow Indians have the belief that a child can start her functioning (including ‘head starts’)even at the time of mother womb. In this regard, we have a peach of evidence in our “Puranas, Ishihara’s and Upanishads.

Discussions with a child ‘head start’ and the reasons for the worry of the parents relating to ‘head start’ is having 100% meaning in these days of present living context.

Easy Reading Learning for Children

As we are all aware that a child at the age of 0-5 years is 90% creative rather than that of an attained age men or women. During the age, a child is showing interest in recognizing and memorizing the surrounding environment, things, and people associated with him/her.

What is the right Method for Head Start?

In this context, what is a right method, which could be more apt to generalize on a child ‘head start’

We as a parent of a child can notice our child psychology. There are numerous various our Reading Head Startchild in his/her psychology during age group from 0 to 14 years.

But the context of ‘head start’ is prominent at the age of 2 and 5 years of age.

This is the finest age group of a child. During this age group, a child could able to ‘leasing the mother language, grasping of the phonetics of the language and start the imitation. I personally feel this is the right age to make child literacy not only in his/her mother tongue but also in English. Because English is the language, it is having the universally accepted status across the world.

Reading Head Start Reviews

The 2 to 5 years age group is a crucial age group of a child’s life, during the age group a child’s mental ability to recognize the ‘items its shape, color’ is simply amazing. For that reason, every parent should take initiation and spend his/her time with the child.

The parent who could spend a valuable time with his/her child is having two benefits. Firstly, the parent gets the child’s attention and acquainted with his/her psychology that in turn leads to planning for a better way for his/her ‘head start’ the process. Secondly, the child got an advantage of an effective ‘head start’, which makes him/her more efficient in years to come.

How to design the best Model for Head Start of a Child?

Here is the question how a parent can design the best ‘head start’ program for his/her child. It is very simple to an get answer to this question.

Initially, a parent should acquaint with the child psychology and start with a small way. It means that, at the beginning of the ‘head start’ activity, the parent can show the ‘picture of alphabets’, and its related picture. For example, to make about the alphabet in English – ‘A’, the parent can show the picture of ‘A’ and other picture having the word start with the Alphabet ‘A’. Here the parent should have a need to spell the alphabet and the word as many times as possible in regular intervals in a right manner.

This type of action can work on the subconscious mind of the child and it will record properly and it, in turn, makes the child to memorize and reproduce the same.

Awareness about the Reading Head Start of a child between the parents is an important issue in the present context of life molding of a child. There is no doubt an apt Head Start of a child will definitely help in the building of his/her career in the future.

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Reading Head Start Reviews:

A Unique And Effective Technique

As a mother, I wanted to give my two sons a head start in life by teaching them how to read before they start school. So I started reading various articles on the internet on how to teach reading in kindergarten but unfortunately, the methods were hard to get my head around. As a busy mom, I don’t have the time to be sitting beside my children day and night reading to them and teaching them how to read. That’s what sounded so great about the Reading Head Start reading program.

A Great Thing For Parents

It’s not one of those programs in which you’re obliged to watch over your child for hours on end. You literally only need to dedicate 15 minutes of your time to each lesson – the rest you can leave to your child. My two sons loved this reading program. I think what made it so interesting for them is its unique learning technique. The program included reading worksheets, videos, interactive games and bonus e-books. Unlike any other reading program I’ve discovered, Reading Head Start made it genuinely stimulating for kids. It was great to not have to struggle getting them to sit down for the program.


All I can say is that it’s one of the best learn to read programs I’ve found. The reading lesson pdf is also an interesting part of the program. In fact, there’s nothing uninteresting about this course. And it’s already got my sons to start reading without me telling them to. Only yesterday, one of my kids picked up a book from the bookshelf and started reading it for pleasure. It just goes to show that this program taught my kids a lot and most importantly, installed in them a love for reading. I would recommend this program to any parent seeking a fast and effective route to teaching their child to read.

Perfect For Struggling Readers

My son really struggled with reading until I purchased this children’s reading program. It has some amazing reading strategies for struggling readers and my son enjoyed the entire program thoroughly. He especially loved the certificate he received upon completion of each phase. What a great idea! It also gives you ideas of fun ways to teach reading, which was useful. Thanks to this program, my son now enjoys reading and I could not be happier about that.

Teaching Your Toddler To Read Is Possible

Most parents want to know the best way to teach a child to read and I wanted to teach my toddler how to read to set them on the path of the best education. I know there are so many benefits of reading to toddlers and I’m very much aware of the importance of reading to toddlers, so that’s what I did. Every evening I sat with my son and read various short stories for kids. I’d even hunted out a reading list for toddlers to find out which ones were best. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Reading Head Start that I considered enrolling in a professional online reading program for my child. Overall, it was a great program but it had a few cons too.

What I Loved

One of the things I really loved about the Reading Head Start program was how user-friendly it was. It’s a dream for busy parents and you can do the course at your own pace. With its videos, worksheets and interactive games, it did a good job at keeping my toddler’s attention. And the best part, they lived up to their promise completely. My son really was able to read after 30 days. We committed to it together and it paid off. He can’t read perfectly of course, but he is able to decipher words and enjoy reading.

What I Didn’t Love So Much

One of the not-so-great things about this program was how I couldn’t find much information about the creator. I would have loved to have found out more about her and maybe even reach out to her. I also think it would have been better if this wasn’t purely an online reading guide because my internet connection isn’t always perfect.

Regardless of the two cons, I was very pleased with this program and don’t regret ordering it for a minute. It really helped my son and I can’t complain about the great price either.

You Won’t Be Able To Tear Your Kids Away From This Reading Program

If you want to give your child a head start in reading, I highly recommend Reading Head Start. My daughters just completed the program and they loved every moment of it. One of them is 7 years old and the other is 8 years old. While they both can read, they can’t read very well and so his program assisted them with their reading abilities. Before purchasing this program, I looked at a list of reading strategies and methods to teach reading. While they were useful to an extent, I just lacked the ability to keep my kids attention. I think they found my teaching strategies a bit boring. As for the Reading Head Start program, you couldn’t tear them away from it. They loved the online reading games and videos. That’s probably why they learned so much more from this program than from my different types of reading strategies. It was well worth the money!

How to teach a 6 year old child to read

After reading about the benefits of reading aloud to children, my wife and I started reading to our six-year-old daughter every night. Apparently, there are many benefits of reading aloud to children, including improving their own reading skills. But we wanted to teach her how to read so she could go grab a book and start reading herself. After searching online, we found some 6 year old reading games for her and she loved them. But we wanted something more. We wanted something that would give her a solid knowledge of reading so she could appreciate reading as a whole and so it would give her a head start for when she started school. My sister told me about a cheap reading program called Reading Head Start. She said she ordered it to help her own child learn to read and that it worked well. My wife and I gave it a try.

A Powerful Reading Method

Our daughter doesn’t have a long attention span so we were very happy that this program was fun and easy for her. She was always happy to complete the reading exercises and particularly loved the interactive reading games for kids in the course. Within the first week of using this system, we saw results. She was remembering everything she learned and she started picking up books around the house. I mean, how many 6 year old reading books do you see? She was turning into a Matilda right in front of our eyes and for that reason, we can’t thank Sarah Shepard, the creator of Reading Head Start, enough.

We Wish It Could Have Been Longer

Don’t get me wrong, this program contained everything you need to teach your child to read. But it would have been great if it were a little longer. It would be fantastic if they could bring out a second part of the course! Maybe something just a little bit more in-depth so we could have taught her even more.

But all in all, my wife and I could not have been more impressed with this program. It worked really effectively and it didn’t require too much of your time either which was a huge bonus. We recommend this to any parent who is looking for an effective and affordable reading program for any child of any age. It’s definitely one of the most effective courses around.

Helpful For Dyslexic Children

My son is dyslexic and so it’s not always easy to find a way that can make reading easier for him. I’m aware of the importance of reading at home, so I try to read aloud to him as much as possible. But he needed something that would really help him pick up reading. The Reading Head Start program was ideal for him because it wasn’t too intense and allowed him to go at his own pace. It was also fun and interactive which was perfect for his dyslexia. This simple method was so effective in helping my son with his dyslexia. It may not have reversed it, but it has certainly helped a lot.


It’s A Great System

Reading Head Start is broken down into four different levels which are all designed to help your child master the basic elements of reading. At the end of each level, when your child completes it, they are sent a certificate of completion. Trust me, your kids will love it! This reading program is a really fantastic system.

Great For Busy Parents

All three of my kids completed the program and they all saw clear results from it. It’s also great for parents who are strapped for time because 15 minutes is really all you need to devote to it each day, three times a week. All you need to do is click play and the reading videos will take over.

Effective and Inexpensive

There are so many reasons why reading is important and it helps a lot if you can find a useful reading program that can help to improve your children’s’ reading capabilities. I wanted to leave a Reading Head Start review because parents need to know that there is a program out there that is both effective and inexpensive.

Good Internet Connection is a Must

The only bad thing I’d have to say about this guide is how it’s all totally web-based. It would have been nice to have been able to access the videos without needing the internet and having to access the members area. Other than that, I highly recommend this program.

It Makes A Reading Teacher Out Of You

I strongly recommend this incredible Reading Head Start program for every parent who wants their child to develop strong reading abilities. If you want to know how to teach kids to read, the best thing you can do is invest in this program. It really does make a reading teacher out of you.

Impressive Material

As soon as you log into the Head Start members area, you’ll have endless interactive reading games available for your child that will keep them amused for weeks! Frankly, this program is like no other I’ve found and believe me, I’ve looked. In fact, I’ve splurged on several different reading programs for my kid but none of them have been so impressive. They only offer the general printable short stories for kids and teaching phonics worksheets. Whereas with the Head Start reading program, you get so much more: easy learn reading videos, fun games, and enjoyable workbooks, as well as free stories for kids.

If You’re Not Happy, You’ll Get Your Money Back

Not many companies offer a 365 day money back guarantee. The Head Start reading program, on the other hand, will refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the program. I didn’t need to request that because I can say that I’m more than satisfied with this service. I give it five stars.


Ideal for parents who don’t have much time

There’s so much research on reading to children and how it benefits them but how many parents have time to sit and read to their child every day? It’s not possible. At least it isn’t for me anyway. I know of the importance of reading to young children and how it helps them to become a better reader. I just don’t have the spare time to actually read to them. So I ordered a reading program called Reading Head Start which is basically an online-based program that is suitable for any aged child.

Filled with videos, worksheets, and fun games, this course makes learning to read fun for kids. On a negative side, you do need to have a spare 15 minutes every day for the program, but that’s a lot better than the time needed in other courses.

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best reading courses you’re going to find for your kids. It’s affordable too!

I saw a drastic improvement in their reading skills

The Head Start reading program helped my two children so much when they were struggling with reading at school. They’re only in the first year of school, but both were having trouble learning to read. Within the first 20 days of them both doing this program, I saw a dramatic improvement in their reading abilities. My son said he liked learning through the interactive games and my daughter said the videos helped a lot. In fact, my daughter’s reading improved so much from the course that her report card turned completely around. She was now a good reader. It was such a relief and such a proud moment to see the turnaround. My son still struggles a little bit, but his reading has still improved a lot.

The downsides

One thing I should tell you is that this isn’t the program for you if you want to be more hands-on with the teaching. The Reading Head Start program allows you to be a teacher but it also only requires a small amount of your time and attention. For me, that was a little bit disappointing. I think I would have preferred to have got more involved rather than letting my child get on with it.

Their method is the best I’ve found

Still, the pros really do outweigh the cons with this reading program. There are many free online reading programs for struggling readers out there, but they’re not worth your time. I have used nearly every reading program out there and only Reading Head Start has shown me that there’s a better method to teach my child to read: their method.


‘Reading Head Start’ as the words indicate, is an educational programme developed by a mother who was also a teacher and mother.  I would rather call it is a product developed on the saying  ‘ Necessity is the mother of Invention ‘. 

A teacher by profession based on her experience with her own child and children during her course of school hours could find out that children needed a better system to learn and speak English. Something different from the methods adopted in schools. She was very serious and carried out research and studies and came out with ‘Reading Head Start’ programme.

The programme seems to be the result of her honest efforts.   I would like to add that as the programme is meant for children from age of one year to up to nine years of age, it first starts with making child literate. Say a child of one year age first tries to identify the alphabet and recalls the sound associated with the alphabet.

The Reading Head Start Programme slowly and gradually takes the child to higher levels, from alphabets to small and simple words to bigger and complex words.  All the teaching is done via a computer and is interactive in nature. There are also games in the programme to help the child develop and learn and retain the knowledge a better way.

Advantages of the programme as I perceive are firstly the child starts obeying his parents by listening to them to take up this programme. Children also learn basic computer skills and get familiar adaptation to digital devices. They improve upon their attention span, as they see and observe the programme which is unique to them.

Parents have to be with their children and talk to them and spend time with them explaining the program and have to take them through levels. This helps in better understanding between parents and child and also with the programme. It helps build a rapport. I think this is one of the best things for a child in his early age.

Reading Head Start programme is available online for a subscription.  Three packages are available presently.

One is Life Time Membership, the Second one is Yearly Subscription and Third is on monthly basis. The yearly subscription program is available at a reasonable price and cost of  $ 0.75 per day if you exclude Saturdays and Sundays ( For your weekly Sojourns).  This surely sounds value for money for me especially when I am serious about my child’s growth development, orientation, and future.

Concerns – Yes you need to devote time for your child on daily basis, at least initially, need to have a computer and internet and $0.75 per day. 

Conclusion: the Best part of the programme is its Guarantee and Return of your money immediately and accessibility to the programme 24 X 7. The Payment process is simple, secure and encrypted end to end as claimed by the website.

So Give a Head Start to Your Child and Make him a successful person. All the Best – Parents.

“Reading Head Start” Review
Does Reading Head Start really Work?

To me, Reading Head Start program is a blessing. Why am I saying this? I would want you to remember and put yourself in the shoes of those who learned English words without the help of Reading Head Start program. I bet it was hell for them as far as differentiating sounds and letters. At that juncture, I would like to hereby confirm that indeed Reading Head Start works for both normal and mentally challenged kids. Head start works better because it is basically trying to bring out the sound value of a letter. The main benefit of this is that when a child is faced or encounters a new word, he/she will tend to read the word using the sound techniques accrued from learning Reading Head Start.

Reading Head Start is Fun and a Participatory Program

When my son was growing up, I had an opportunity to tell whether Reading Head Start works better or not. Interestingly, even with the fact that he was one of those individuals who were not keen on being taught how to read words; he immediately developed a positive attitude towards it. My son suddenly started to participate in reading letters since the program appeared interesting. I then realized that Reading Head Start works for kids with different learning style preference.

Considering that the system is an interactive platform, a child who has once been struggling with reading English letter suddenly starts to like reading. This was one part which was an achievement for my son. Reading Head Start is both a game and learning platform and this the core reason why many kids are into it a lot. Children who move from other parts of Africa except South Africa have reading problems and I highly recommend Reading Head Start for them. It did wonders for my son and he is even better than I am when it comes to correct pronunciation of words.