Suzanne K.

Midea WHS 129CI Is Great

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. So do not let the size of the Midea WHS 129CI fool you. While this little chest freezer may look small, it easily fits into any room, but looks can be deceiving. With five cubic feet of storage space, this sturdy appliance has storage for all your food.

A perfect design

This high-quality product keeps your food at a frosty -0.4oF to -13oF. Even with the lid fully open at 75o this appliance only stands 52” tall. Thanks to its sturdy base, this can also be used as a small table if need be and the smooth white and modern lines of its design allow this freezer to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. In addition, it runs silently, allowing you to forget it is even present. So your mother-in-law will never notice.

At less than 63 lbs, the freezer can quickly and easily be moved to another location if need be. The aluminium interior allows for easy cleanup. The manual defrosts setting and drains make sure that your food is the only thing taking up space.

Midea delivered on time without problems

The good people at Midea will make sure that your freezer is delivered on time and in great condition. Stop battling with your over-sized, half-full giant chest freezer and experience a better way to freeze.