Nathan Peters


Friends who have ordered from Nord Sci peptides tell me their products are too expensive, but I can’t complain. In the past, I’ve bought some really poor quality peptides so I’d prefer to spend a little extra and get better quality for my money. I understand it’s tough if you’re on a budget but believe me it’s worth it. You really have to be careful who you buy products from these days because there are so many online suppliers that open for a couple of months and then suddenly close. I wonder why! It’s probably because they’ve been selling terrible, low quality goods.

I can tell you from personal experience that nord-sci sells the purest peptides I’ve ever found. There is nothing to complain about with this supplier. Their products are good, delivery is fast, and customer service was nice too. Yep, I’m a very happy customer. Would certainly recommend them to people searching for a reliable supplier.