From Jake M.

How to teach a 6 year old child to read

After reading about the benefits of reading aloud to children, my wife and I started reading to our six-year-old daughter every night. Apparently, there are many benefits of reading aloud to children, including improving their own reading skills. But we wanted to teach her how to read so she could go grab a book and start reading herself. After searching online, we found some 6 year old reading games for her and she loved them. But we wanted something more. We wanted something that would give her a solid knowledge of reading so she could appreciate reading as a whole and so it would give her a head start for when she started school. My sister told me about a cheap reading program called Reading Head Start. She said she ordered it to help her own child learn to read and that it worked well. My wife and I gave it a try.

A Powerful Reading Method

Our daughter doesn’t have a long attention span so we were very happy that this program was fun and easy for her. She was always happy to complete the reading exercises and particularly loved the interactive reading games for kids in the course. Within the first week of using this system, we saw results. She was remembering everything she learned and she started picking up books around the house. I mean, how many 6 year old reading books do you see? She was turning into a Matilda right in front of our eyes and for that reason, we can’t thank Sarah Shepard, the creator of Reading Head Start, enough.

We Wish It Could Have Been Longer

Don’t get me wrong, this program contained everything you need to teach your child to read. But it would have been great if it were a little longer. It would be fantastic if they could bring out a second part of the course! Maybe something just a little bit more in-depth so we could have taught her even more.

But all in all, my wife and I could not have been more impressed with this program. It worked really effectively and it didn’t require too much of your time either which was a huge bonus. We recommend this to any parent who is looking for an effective and affordable reading program for any child of any age. It’s definitely one of the most effective courses around.