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With the Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code you don’t need to attend classes to experience this fascinating artistic workout. You can order Aerial yoga equipment of high quality at the most accessible prices from them. They sell everything from yoga hammocks for sale to rigging equipment to aerial hoops and silks. Aerial Yoga Gear reviews in this article should give you a good idea of how good this company is. Make sure you use your Aerial Yoga Gear coupon for a special discount.

On the Aerial Yoga Gear website, you will find a range of instructional videos and personalized guidance to help you achieve your acroyoga goals. This small, family-owned company sells their aerial yoga products to 30 countries throughout the world. The Aerial Yoga Gear hammocks they sell are a first choice of yoga studios and individuals around the globe. Remember to use the Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code below to get 10% off your order.


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About Aerial Yoga Gear

Naturally, the first part of this Aerial Yoga Gear review is to look into the company as a whole. If you already like what you hear, be sure to visit their website and type in the Aerial Yoga Gear promo code above for discounts. Alternatively, continue reading this review of Aerial Yoga Gear for more information on this business and their products.

Aerial Yoga Gear review is a Ohio-based family-run business that sells its yoga equipment to 30 countries across the world. At the moment and for a long time, they have been the best aerial yoga hammock supplier in the world. There is a great lack of anti-gravity yoga equipment suppliers on the internet right now and especially ones that sell high quality goods.

From the Aerial yoga gear reviews we have read so far, it seems like they are a truly decent and honest company worth considering. They pride themselves in offering excellent customer service and they also offer customers a 10% discount if they use our Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code.  You will find the Aerial yoga gear promotional code at the top of this article.


What Does Aerial Yoga Gear Sell?

Aerial Yoga Gear products are extremely high quality. They also offer a wide range of products for you to choose from. If you are itching to use that Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code we just gave you, slow down just for a moment. Let us first show you what they actually sell in this Aerial Yoga Gear review.

  • Aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipmentAerial Yoga Gear Coupon
  • Nylon Tricot Hammock Fabric
  • Yoga swing
  • Aerial rig
  • Aerial silks
  • Black X-Pole Hoop
  • Bungee fitness equipment
  • Aerial yoga pole frame swing stand
  • Yoga mats
  • Aerial yoga clothing

As you can see, the Aerial Yoga Gear store sells everything you need – particularly useful for yogi junkies. Use the Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code for money saving orders.


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Claiming your Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code will help you save money every time you place an order on their website. You might be interested in buying aerial yoga supplies online but noticed they were a bit out of your price range. In comparison to other suppliers, Aerial Yoga Gear review is affordable and accessible to most consumers. And if you remember to always add Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code at the checkout, it will cut down the price a lot.

And if you are wondering is Aerial Yoga Gear legit we can tell you that they are. Plus, if you read many of the Aerial Yoga Gear reviews out there, you will see for yourself that this company has a great reputation. They are well-known for being a top supplier of these products and testimonials have a lot of good things to say about them.

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What Is Aerial Yoga?

The next part of this Aerial Yoga Gear review is to actually look into what the art is. Then we’ll inform you on the money-saving Aerial Yoga Gear free coupon code.

There are all kinds of words for this type of yoga. Some call it flying yoga. Others call it anti-gravity yoga workout. One of the most common names is Aerial yoga, but they all stand for the same thing: yoga performed in a hanging sling (in the air). Before you snap up the awesome Aerial Yoga Gear coupon, why not hear more about the sport as a whole. It’s interesting stuff.

First of all, you don’t need be an acrobat to master anti-gravity yoga poses. Anybody can enjoy the art. In fact, there are many aerial yoga classes nearby that you could probably go to if you want to give it a try. Prefer doing sports in the comfort of your own home? Thanks to the Aerial Yoga Gear equipment for sale, you can. Also, take advantage of each Aerial Yoga Gear tutorial found on their website on how to use their products. The Aerial Yoga gear videos can be extremely helpful in gaining knowledge on how to do Aerial yoga.


How Aerial Yoga Works

Before we give you your customized Aerial Yoga Gear Coupon code we want to show you how this sport works exactly. Whether or not you’re a yoga fan, anybody can enjoy this workout, but yogis especially will appreciate how much more effective it is than their regular sitting yoga workout. As intimidating as anti-gravity yoga hammocks look, don’t be scared. It’s not as tough as it looks – seriously. That’s what we want to cover in this Aerial Yoga Gear review.

Basically, you sit on a fabric hammock that resembles a long colourful scarf. Held up by carabineer, webbing straps and support chains, you don’t have to worry is aerial yoga safe because you have full support on them. And, because the hammocks are made from a high-density material, they can hold over 2,000 pounds. That’s enough reason to buy aerial yoga gear, isn’t it?

Next, you’ll do your ordinary yoga poses but they’ll be adapted to suit the anti-gravity exercise. Some aerial yoga basic poses include performing simple stretches while seated in the hammock. The more advanced aerial yoga poses include hanging upside down while grabbing either your feet or ankles for support. We hope this Aerial Yoga Gear review gives you a deeper insight into the workout.

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Aerial Yoga Gear Coupon Code

Aerial Yoga Gear Discount Code

To get cheap Aerial yoga hammocks and silks, you should use their special code. With the Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code, 10% will be knocked off each order. Of course, these products don’t come cheap – especially because they are sold to a target audience of yoga enthusiasts and aren’t cheap to produce – but using the Aerial Yoga Gear discount code will cut costs.

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Aerial Yoga Benefits

Next in this Aerial Yoga Gear reviews we look at the benefits. After all, who doesn’t want to know what they can gain from buying aerial silks or hammocks? Not only can you save money on the Aerial Yoga Gear discount you can also gain rewards from participating in the activity. Research has shown there are a host of benefits of aerial yoga. Let’s take a look at the main anti-gravity yoga benefits.

Weight Loss

Aerial yoga weight loss results are incredible, a study proves it. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), participants who did three 50 minute aerial yoga sessions per week for a period of six weeks lost 2 and a half pounds, on average: one inch from their waist and 2 percent body fat. Athletic Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code classes can indeed help you lose weight. Many people opt for purchase Aerial Yoga Gear workouts to lose weight because studies show it burns fat easily. It is important to point out in this Aerial Yoga Gear review that fat loss can be achieved from using these hammocks.



Yogis claim that aerial yoga effects are much more fulfilling than ordinary yoga stretches. Because you have more freedom of movement in the air, it is easier to improve your flexibility with aerial yoga positions. Those who participate in this sport claim their flexibility has improved significantly since doing air yoga. If you use our Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code individuals will save stacks of money when they purchase equipment online from this store.



Struggle staying focused? Here’s the good news about Aerial yoga gear review: it helps you focus. That’s because this exercise is more challenging than floor yoga and requires full concentration when performing the poses. Because you are doing yoga in the air with your Aerial Yoga Gear swings and hammocks, you have to pay more attention to it. In turn, you gain better concentration and also confidence.



The next part of this Aerial Yoga Gear reviews, this sport eases stress. Just like traditional yoga helps one relax, aerial yoga coupon code is also great for stress relief. This will be even more effective because you are doing something new and fun. Once you’ve used your Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code and bought a hammock, start stretching. It’s a fun hobby to do after a stressful day at work and in the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about looking bad. You have all the time in the world to learn aerial yoga poses.


No Skills Required

Did you know no skills are required to do anti-gravity yoga workouts? An ACE study sent 16 women aged between 18 and 45 with no experience to an aerial yoga class. Even though they had no experience, they were still able to get the hang of things and weren’t totally alienated. That just goes to show that anyone can benefit from taking a class or by using the Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code.


Aerial Yoga Gear Coupon Code

Want to save money when you buy antigravity fitness hammock? People who want to buy aerial yoga swing or hammocks will notice that they don’t come cheap. Finding a portable aerial silks rig for sale or hammocks at a good price isn’t always easy.

Use the Aerial Yoga Gear voucher for 10% off all of their equipment. This company sells to all over the world and is a number one choice for yoga studios throughout the US and the rest of the world. If you want to buy aerial silks online or anything else related to aerial yoga, this company sells everything you need.

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Buying From Aerial Yoga Gear

For those keen on ordering aerial yoga equipment from AYG, let’s cover a few faqs. In this Aerial Yoga Gear review we will look at a few frequently asked questions with answers so you can be confident when buying from them. Professional aerial equipment is sold at this company and you can only expect the best when you order from them. But before you order and tap in your Aerial Yoga Gear coupon let us explore faqs.


Is Their Yoga Hammock Good For Beginners?

Yes. Aerial yoga for beginners is good and easier than normal yoga because the fabric works as a support for many of the Aerial Yoga gear review positions. The Aerial Yoga gear hammock also increases your flexibility and enables you to move from one position into another smoothly and easily.


How To Care For Your Hammock?

Before you purchase a yoga hammock using the aerial yoga gear coupon it’s worth listening to how one can take care of it. The best method of washing is on a cool, gentle setting so not to destroy the fabric. Make sure you remove the chains and carabiner before you wash it. Also, do not iron your hammock. If you use it regularly, try to wash every 2 weeks to keep it fresh. Between classes you can use a cleansing spray to freshen it up.


Do You Need A Yoga Mat Under The Aerial Hammock?

Yes, it is recommended by Aerial Yoga Gear review. That’s because some of the moves combine the ground and the hammock. Make sure you always practice over a flat ground.


Is There An Aerial Yoga Hammock Weight Limit?

Each product Aerial Yoga Gear shop sells has a different user weight limit, so it is worth checking when you buy it and before using. On the whole, hammocks should hold up to 600 pounds safely.


Where To Hang Yoga Hammock?

Good question. The best way is by using the Aerial Yoga Gear yoga swing stand that is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to use the Aerial yoga gear coupon code equipment from a ceiling, make sure it is sturdy enough before using. The best option is to invest in the swing stand because that’s all self-contained. However, there are many options of where to hang it before you buy Aerial Yoga Gear coupon products.


Buy Aerial Yoga Hammocks

Let’s wrap up this Aerial Yoga Gear review. Now we’re going to provide you with a coupon code for Aerial Yoga Gear. If you are looking for the best place to buy aerial yoga hammocks, silks, swings and rigs you will find all of this for sale at this US-based company. Aerial Yoga Gear shipping is also worldwide which means anybody from anywhere can order their products. Don’t miss out on the great Aerial Yoga Gear coupon code where you can get money off your purchase. So if you want to get the best deal on yoga hammock sets for sale you can with this code.


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Their Yoga Hammock Is Awesome


I recently purchased a yoga hammock from Aerial Yoga Gear and was extremely happy with their product. I’d been looking for a high quality affordable hammock for a few weeks, but a lot of them either looked in poor condition or were much higher than my budget. This hammock I received in the post last week and I love it. It’s even better than I expected. I’ve used it three times so far and it feels really strong and good quality, i really couldn’t be more thrilled with it and how great it works.

As for the company themselves, the owners were really friendly and helpful. I spoke to them a couple of times via email to ask about using their yoga hammock and they were really accommodating. The woman I spoke to answered my questions promptly and seemed like she genuinely wanted to help me and offer her assistance. This is something new for me because not a lot of companies offer that high level of customer assistance.

If you are looking for a recommended yoga hammock for sale I recommend Aerial Yoga Gear. I really do not have any complaints about this company or their employers. I was happy from start to end. everything was easy, the product was great, and I would certainly use them again.

I. Martinat

Use the Aerial Yoga Gear Coupon for big savings


Using the Aerial Yoga Gear Coupon I saved 10% on my last order with them. I actually bought a few things from them: a yoga hammock, aerial silks, and clothing. It’s such an exciting activity that is so much fun and really enjoyable. I took lessons for a couple of months before buying the stuff myself. Although I loved the lessons, the lessons were a long drive from my house so I wanted to find somewhere closer which I couldn’t and so in the end I chose to buy the equipment myself. A friend from the class recommended Aerial Yoga Gear and so I have them a try on her say. She told me she took classes and did it from home, which I thought sounded convenient. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it as much as the classes but to my surprise, it has been a lot of fun.

Aerial Yoga Gear is an amazing company with strong company values. Not only do they offer great customer service and sell supreme quality products, they also supply an incredible amount of information about aerial yoga and how to use their products on their website. It’s really helpful because it’s a sport thats still relatively new. For that reason, it’s useful to learn from their site. Overall, I highly recommend ordering from this company and make sure you use the code to get a great discount.


Aerial Yoga Gear


I am new to aerial yoga and have needed advice from which hammocks to choose for the studio, to home hammock stands, to extra equipment to make the studio run smoothly and look more inviting. Elaine has patiently and fully educated me answering all my questions. The affiliate program is a plus offering discounts for my students as they fall in love with aerial yoga and want to enjoy it in their homes. I am happy to send my students to Elaine and Aerial Yoga Gear knowing they will get the same great quality service and products I have received. Thank you Elaine!


Aerial Yoga Gear


All my dreams came true. I wanted this in my office and I have it now! The owner was super helpful with all my questions. It was easy to install and very good quality. I get to hang upside down and do all the poses I learned in aerial yoga class. I am trying to get my clients on board to order for themselves. Good company. Good product. Good people!

Taneka Otteson


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