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BestMeBrand is a copywriting company specializing in writing content to build brands. Whether you need website copy, blog articles, a resume or a sales letter, this company can help you. They also offer a unique website evaluation service in which they can give you honest feedback on your website via live chat.


What’s unique about Best Me Brand is that they see every customer as a brand. Therefore, they write with a brand’s values in mind so that those aspects are reflected in the copy.


Let’s take a look at the company as a whole, their services, their prices, and reviews.


About BestMeBrand

There’s no shortage of online copywriting services out there.

BestMeBrand Logo

However, there is a shortage of copywriting service providers that write to build and develop brands. This is something we simply never see, or at least, rarely see. But the fact is, branding is a big deal these days. You only have to take a look at the throng of social media stars out there to realize that branding is big news. Everybody is trying to turn themselves into a brand. Why? Because they know that’s the secret to success.


BestMeBrand, more than just copywriting services

BestMeBrand wants to help you build a brand through their writing and evaluation services. ”Be seen. Be remembered,” is their company slogan and it really is the perfect description of what they’re about and what they can do for you. With their content services, they want to write in a way that expresses your personal or company values.


Most professional copywriting services provide content only. They don’t discuss the project as thoroughly as Bestmebrand does. Bestmebrand wants to hear your thoughts, your feelings and your values about your business. They write your content in a way that reflects all those things. With BestMeBrand, you really feel as though you’re being seen and heard. And that is what makes them so unique.


BestMeBrand Services

BestMeBrand is all about providing copywriting services to make the best of your brand. This company sees potential in everyone. With the right perspective and the right words, they believe everyone has the opportunity to build a successful brand. You also don’t have to be a business to benefit from Bestmebrand writing services. Resumes, cover letters and sales letters are services everyone can benefit from using. Who, after all, can get away without a good resume these days? Let’s take a look at all their services.


Bestmebrand copywriting services

They offer a range of great and affordable copywriting services to hone your brand.


BestMeBrand Website Content

One of their main services is writing website content. We all know the importance of having a great website. It’s not just the design that matters, the content also matters – a lot. It’s all well and good having something nice to see on a website, but we also want to read something interesting. The writing should be easy, informative and entertaining. Your website is like your business card. It shows customers what you are about and every little detail counts. In other words, website content should not be rushed.


BestMeBrand offers three website packages for you to choose from: the basic package (home, about, contact pages) for $350, the standard package (home, about, contact, services, FAQ) for $600 and the premium package (homepage, about, contact, services, FAQ, blog post and a custom page of your choice) for $800.


But if you need individual website pages written separately, they can do that upon request. You are not restricted to the packages alone.


BestMeBrand BlogWriting

According to BestMeBrand, ”People lose concentration after eight seconds.” Just eight seconds! If that doesn’t pile on the pressure to write fascinating articles, we don’t know what will. It just goes to show that you can’t afford to mess around with your content. The first few sentences are crucial if you don’t want your readers clicking the x button.


BestMeBrand offers a blog writing service to help you publish interesting content. Their blog content service is unlike other companies because BMB takes your brand values into consideration before penning your piece. They want to make sure what they write will be in alignment to your values and feelings.


They can write a 400 word article for you at the price of $50; a 700 word article for $80; and if you have a budget that extends to $120, you can get a 1200 word article in return.


BestMeBrand Resume and Cover Letter Services

How many times have you edited your resume over the years? There always seems to be a problem when it comes to our resumes. It’s too long, it’s too short, it’s too promotional, it’s too dull etc. Whether you’ve re-written your resume a dozen times or this is the first time you’re writing one, everybody needs a good resume. A good resume determines whether or not you land a job. So it would be useful if you could get some professional help in this department, wouldn’t it?


BestMeBrand  Resume Writing Service

BestMeBrand offers a professional resume writing service to get your resume in shape. They may charge $150 to write one from scratch for you, but if it bags you the job, just think of the long-term financial gain. It will be well worth that one-time payment of $150. You can also use this resume for future job opportunities.


In addition to a great resume, you need a great cover letter to send alongside the resume. Some people don’t even know how to write a cover letter. In short, a cover letter explains to the hiring manager why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. It needs to be well-written, interesting, and stand out from the stack of other cover letters swarming through an employer’s inbox. BestMeBrand can make yours unique so that your cover letter actually gets read and pursued. At $120, it’s not a bad price when you think this is something you can keep for life. Sure, you can edit it when and where you wish, but it will also serve as a good cover letter template as well.


BestMeBrand Ad Copy

Ad copy refers to the text of a clickable advertisement. It may only be two or three lines long, but those two or three lines MUST make an impact if they want people to click on them. And of course, that’s the prime goal of ad copy. It needs to catch the visitor’s attention so that they click on the URL.


BestMeBrand offers an ad copy writing service to help you stand out from the crowd. When they write ad copy for you, they keep in mind your key demographic so that they can aim at the right people who are more likely to take action. With their ad copy copywriting service, they use marketing tactics like credibility, attention, and action to ensure it works the most efficiently. The copy for one single ad is $50.


BestMeBrand Website Evaluation

One of BestMeBrand’s most unique services is its website evaluation service. It’s not actually what you think. We know there are companies out there offering website review services but it’s more about making it seo-friendly. BestMeBrand’s service is more about giving you an honest opinion of your website. They’ll tell you exactly what they think of your website, brand-wise, and tell you what they love and don’t love. While they’ll tell you which areas you can improve on, they will only guide you. This way, you get to feel like you did the work instead of it all being done for you.


Most people think this service would be for start-ups. While it is for start-ups, it is also for those of you who are at a loss on where to turn with your business. Some people spend years trying to build their website, but then they get to a point where they feel stuck. They just want some honest insight from an outsider, a professional.


Website evaluation with and without live chat

BestMeBrand offers two versions of this service: the evaluation via email for $59 and the website review via live chat for $37 per hour. Which one do we like better? We’d have to say the second: the live chat one. As much as we love email, live chat is just more interesting and straight to the point. You don’t have to wait for it. You can speak directly to a professional about your website and your content instantly. With BestMeBrand, you really feel like you’re being listened to and heard. You just want the conversation to go on forever because this is the first time someone is actually totally into your business. You are free to talk as much as you want. This is your time.


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Our BestMeBrand Conclusion

If you need website copywriting services, we consider this to be BestMeBrand’s prime specialization. While the world isn’t lacking website copywriters, you will definitely something different from this company. Because they believe in seeing ourselves as a brand, they even write with your brand values in mind. So if it’s website content you need, you can count on BestMeBrand to provide you with an excellent service.


We haven’t heard so much feedback on the blog writing services, but we believe this could be down to them being a fairly new company.


Another increasingly popular service is the website evaluation via live chat. We just love this innovative service that they offer. It’s unique and original and really helpful too.


Overall, we have heard many positive things about BestMeBrand. Especially for website content copy or website reviewing, this company excels itself.


For more information, check out their website and get your discount with our coupon code “bestmebrand100”


BestMeBrand Reviews –

BestMeBrand Copywriting Review

While BestMeBrand is a relatively new company, it looks as though they are making quite a name for themselves in the branding world. Hear what clients have said about their services in their BestMeBrand reviews below or find here all BestMeBrand reviews.


BestMeBrand Website Evaluation Review – BestMeBrand Service Review:

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Gil Martinat

Best Me Brand


Do you know today market is running on BRAND services? If people know your brands name they can purchase your product by closing eyes. So this ”Best Me Brand ”is the service who can transfer any website into a nice BRAND so that every customer can attract towards you.
Brand gives good identity to every work. This service works for the good copywriter websites or the websites who are not making any value in the market by working hard .
If you may be perfect in your writing skill but didn’t have the knowledge how to convert your service into BRAND then it is useless. So this service better works for it.
It can give you positive market , attract customers & work with greatest positive results . So many have good results with them .
They can work on good resume to attract employers to work better.
Any advertisement doesn’t work better as if they have no any targeted audience. To provide targeted audience they are providing best content . Advertise can attract automatically audience with these original contents .This service not only providing good writing services but she gives good feedback also . Her feedback becomes tagline in our business & it works better to attract all customers. We know we are getting a lot of content writers but the writer who can run a good business with professional tact is the winner of any profession.
I think to run BRAND no need of more knowledge but it require smart skill along with a good common sense then any BRAND will run better. As people didn’t know value of any product till they purchase. Any product .to keep in customers hand is the real skill of any BRAND. This skill carry this service .
BRAND means to bring a faith of people .Once people faith on you. You can work better. This service never misuse of your faith. Every time it can give you good feed back regarding your any service. Never miss your deal time, gives good service for all work. So many people are worthy on her work & having strong bonding with her clients. Good communication skill , along with caring good emotions, giving good respect, work better & provides good relationships for a long life.
So that better work always creates good BRAND.

Myesha Brug

Hire the services that are worth the money paid


You might have come across many services but this is the one that you will never repent having hired. The fees and other things need to be clarified in the beginning itself so that there is no problem faced at a later stage. Many people have already hired it and there are many who are interested to hire the best of the services. You will always be happy whenever you will realise the worth of this services for sure. Do not take any tension if you have gone for this service as all the things will be taken care of in a proper manner.
He sooner you will realise the better for you. In case there is some query you can always call and clear all the doubts of yours. If you are interested you can also drop an email and you will surely receive answer to the same. Try to write the reviews as well so that others can read it and understand this site and services in a better way. The services that you will be getting will be worth the amount that you have already paid for it. You can also read the terms and policy and based on that you can hire the services.

Daysi Castillon

BestMeBrand Best Service


I can only say, from the beginning I felt very well at bestmebrand. The advice was great and it was individually tailored to me.

I have really experienced the best service. Here you are not just any number. From the result, I’m more than just convinced, I’m really excited!


Name says it all!


I have used BestMeBrand’s services on several occasions. Never even once they have let me down. The services are promising and up to the mark. BestMeBrand is using the best people in the industry to offer services like website and blog content, resume and cover letters, and advertisements. My experience with them has been pleasant. The reason being they are humble at taking criticism. They have an ear for customers word and eye for detail. Moreover, the quality of content is just poles apart. If you ask me I cannot name a better content provider. BestMeBrand is a one-stop solution for content work.
Time and again. I have utilized their services for my website and advertisements. They have always given me content above my expectations. The writers they appoint are qualified to write in any tone work demands. I have been getting emails prising a lot of my blog contents. BestMeBrand can help your website take! They provide content which can engage large crowds. I have recommended the site to a lot of peers and they are pretty satisfied too! The content is fresh, nonrepetitive, and interesting to read. My website stats have shout up with their SEO experience. Thank You BrandMeBest for such an amazing service!


Best Me Brand


With this globally digital marketing – Best Me Brands offers distinct quality we want to have on different kinds of marketing. From profile resume writing to help market ones self individual’s personality and become potential part of ones company applying for, their first impression on writing skills helps any one of us to be more one of a kind that would pursue every companies goal. They provide the best persuasion of what skills do we have that could offer a good quality leadership of what position applying for a company. Tells us to be more precise for the job we are looking for. With there good concise analytic skills helps build more one characteristic and gives a distinct kind of personality being remembered and admired.

They offers a variety of digital marketing – web content marketing, web designs, blog writings of different articles that attracts many reader’s enthusiasts. Their brilliance in helping anyone gives them a distinct character that will attract anyone to let them have use their different services. The’re own goal and perspective is to help anyone be recognized and easily to be remembered. With this kind of criteria they have they could possibly attain their ideal goals which any party and themselves are both greatly benefited by them. It such nice to know that there are like them that could help each one’s goal to achieved.

They have the branding concept to help anyone be admired and easily be remembered that could attract their potential market which could provide us a sustainable income as what anyone is prospecting to have a very good life. Be abundant for every aspect of one’s life and live happily and provide the needs of a family. With their one a kind concept for every individual helps us more to be reliable and be more resourceful. There is no such like them with this kind of mentality to provide us what we need. There are a lot like them on the market of this age of digital marketing approach, they are one of the best source we could really appreciate. Goal keeping and greatly treasured for every success we need on our life. They don’t give any hesitation for every one’s needs so as to help everyone. They are really give a helping hand to anybody and make reach every one’s goal and perspective. We need to be concise and be specific to every goals we desired in order to meet what we are looking for just like them.

Shannon Brooks, Toronto

BestMeBrand Copywriting Review


BestMeBrand Website Package Review

BestMeBrand’s premium website package was totally worth the money. They delivered all the content for my new yoga website and I was ecstatic with their work. I wasn’t 100% happy with the blog post because it wasn’t as in-depth as I’d hoped, but that was my only complaint. Aside from that, everything else was ideal. I especially loved the way we had a long discussion about my brand and what I want to achieve before they started the project. It just made it feel a lot more personal and like I was getting what I wanted.

The whole process was a lot of fun

I really loved it how, in spite of them doing the writing, BMB makes you feel like you’ve done all the work. It’s a great feeling. In terms of the writing, I loved the way they made the homepage so enticing. The writing sounded exactly the way I wanted it to sound and it gives readers the message I was seeking. The whole process was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Before BestMeBrand, I never saw myself as a brand because I always considered big companies like McDonald’s and Subway as brands. This company made me realize that everyone can be a brand, you just need to find it and unleash it.

Drake Peters, Delaware

BestMeBrand Website Evaluation Review


BestMeBrand Reviews

Excellent company, good prices, wonderful service. Last week, they provided me with ad copy for several of my Facebook ads and I was thrilled with their service. Not only were they thorough, they were also really friendly. BestMeBrand is a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the near future.

Jake Thompson, New Jersey

BestMeBrand Service Review


BestMeBrand Recommendation

After spending nearly two years on my snow sports website, I felt like I’d reached a dead end. Although I wasn’t doing bad and I was earning some money from my affiliates, I wasn’t doing well enough. I wanted to do better but the problem was, I didn’t know how. I tried things from every angle I could think of. Honestly, I just felt like I couldn’t put anymore into it than I had already. That’s why I loved the idea of BestMeBrand’s website evaluation service. I used the live chat version and the whole experience was fantastic.

How it starts

It started off with me introducing myself and how I got started with the business etc. Then we moved on to discussing why I’m feeling stuck at the moment. It was really nice to be able to talk to someone about it. Not that I haven’t tried before. It’s just that my friends aren’t always interested in my work and they have enough problems of their own. I loved speaking to someone about it because I could speak as freely as I wanted. I didn’t have to worry that I was boring them because the person with whom I was speaking seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. In return, they asked me a lot of questions. It was just a fantastic experience and one I would recommend to anyone in the same position. They really helped me see alternative ways thanks to their useful insight and amazing listening skills. Now I feel like I’m heading in a much clearer direction. Well recommended!

Claire Summers, Michigan

BestMeBrand Website Article Review


BestMeBrand Review

I hired BestMeBrand a couple of weeks ago to write all of my website content for me. I’m a startup business and although my website was ready and the design was how I wanted it, what I needed was good content. Frankly I’m not much of a writer. That’s why I wanted to hire a professional copywriter to do it for me. I only used their basic package which just involved them writing my homepage, about page, and contact page, but I was really impressed with the job they did.

Why I hired BestMeBrand

Whether you want to spend out on a copywriter or not, here are my personal words of advice to you: don’t scrimp on your content. At the female entrepreneurial networking events I attend, women have told me they’ve lost work purely because of ”not good enough copy.” Because you can write, that doesn’t mean you can write professionally. That is why I hired BestMeBrand.

Best customer relation ever

One of the single most amazing things about this company is their customer relations. The fact that they heard me out before they started the project felt so great. Not enough companies do this! Before beginning, we spoke about what message I wanted to send with my business and why I started in the first place. It was all very casual yet personal in the beginning but it felt right. I loved that personal touch and I felt it really made the end result (the actual content) so much better.

All in all, I would certainly use them again for content writing services. They made such a great job with my website, I would probably use them again for blog writing services.