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Layla K.

Unique beauty products sold here


One thing that stuck out to me about heysweetie was how unique their range of beauty products was. They sell various LED beauty products and skincare cleansing tools that are pretty unique. It´s very different to a lot of the beauty eCommerce sites around. I bought their makeup set and was very happy with it. Next time I´m going to buy something else that´s a bit different to what you can get elsewhere. Can´t wait to buy more from them! The Hey sweetie coupon code is a great deal too!

Claire Wright



First thoughts: good company with good deals and fast delivery. My first experience using them was a good one so for that reason, I highly recommend them. It´s a cool online beauty store with an unusual range of beauty products for sale.

Alix Carson

Heysweetie pros and cons


Excellent quality…excellent prices…excellent customer service. Let me show you the pros and cons of this online beauty store.

Last week, I bought a facial cleansing device from the hey sweetie shop and I´ve been using it daily ever since it arrived. I am so impressed with how it works. My skin is looking better every day.

For pros, I would say: good prices, good quality, and good customer service. These are all the factors that highly impressed me about the store. I also loved the great hey sweetie promo code I got which saved me money on my order.

For cons, I would say: delivery was a little slow. It didn´t arrive the same day which i was disappointed about.

In conclusion, I think hey sweetie is a great company and worth ordering from. I just wanted to point out the pros and cons before you buy from them.


Great Beauty Products


I´ve bought a few things from Hey Sweetie and am more than happy with the products I have got. For  instance, they have this amazing touch screen mirror that offers great lighting for makeup application and grooming. It is fantastic and totally affordable too.

I know there are many beauty stores online and it´s not like you don´t have enough choice. But, I love the fact that the Hey Sweetie coupon gives you a great price. In fact, the company as a whole offers many, many great discounts and promotions. They really treat their customers well.

Plus, the delivery is fast!

Lisa Andrews

My Hey Sweetie Review


Hey Sweetie is an excellent beauty supply store. I´ve only purchased one thing from their store so far but I was very impressed with the quality of it and how it works. I bought an LED mask from their shop and while it was expensive, it was worth the money in my opinion. Definitely no regrets here! All in all, I highly recommend buying from them. Their prices and the quality is first rate.