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LED Face Mask | All the Hollywood A-Listers from Kate Hudson to the Kardashians have been seen wearing an LED Mask. By the looks of it, it’s not one of those fad beauty trends. LED face masks are here to stay. Between celebrity Instagrammers and proven results ranging from improved acne, scar removal, a brighter complexion and reduced wrinkles, we have all the confirmation we need to know that LED light masks are the future of skincare.

LED Face Mask

The most popular is the anti-acne LED light masks that we’ve been seeing all over Instagram. Those huge white masks made by Neutrogena that are more affordable than the ones celebrities. Is the Neutrogena LED mask effective though? We’ll look into that in just a moment. First of all, let’s look at what it is, how to use led face mask and more! We’re also going to show you, from research and reviews, the best LED mask 2018.

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What is an LED Face Mask?

LED light therapy is the innovative new way to get perfect skin. Over time, consistent use of LED lights for skin penetrate it and cause various powerful reactions, such as reducing wrinkles, fighting bacteria that causes acne, and plumping the skin. There are several LED light colors for skin, all of which do different things: red, blue, green and yellow. However, red light therapy and blue light therapy are the two most popular.

According to research on light therapy for acne, combined usage of blue and red Led lights are the most effective. These LED lights clear skin and prevent future breakouts. In fact, many people use the acne light mask – it is one of the most common uses for the mask itself. That’s because acne light therapy has been scientifically proven to work. Using light therapy face masks (LED Face Mask) for acne is becoming a craze that could go on for a long time simply because the results are there. The LED mask acne results are there and visible.


Does Light Therapy Work – And What For?

Of course, it depends on the LED mask you are using and how consistently you are using it. Some people prefer at home light therapy rather than going to a dermatologist because it’s easier. If this is the case, make sure you buy LED Mask that is high quality and has good reviews. However, it has been proven that using LED facial masks can clear acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and remove general imperfections.

In 2013, a study found that four weeks worth of red and blue light LED treatment dramatically improved clogged pores and inflammatory acne in patients. Acne improved by 34% and lesions by 78% with LED skin treatment. Does light therapy work for acne? By the sounds of it, absolutely!

Don’t have acne? Light therapy masks can also improve skin’s overall brightness, texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The LED light facial therapy can also brighten dark spots on the skin. Basically, if you have any imperfections on the skin that you want to erase or at least make less visible, the electric face mask can help.


What is the Best LED Face Mask?

The best led light therapy device can only really be judged on the individual’s preference. However, there are LED face masks that are better than others – sometimes significantly so. Let’s take a look at the best led light therapy mask. These are the top 3 acne light therapy devices in terms of price and quality.

The Deesse LED Mask is considered one of the best, but it comes with a steep price tag – $2,000. It’s definitely one of the most expensive led light therapy at home devices.

On the most affordable scale is the Neutrogena light therapy acne mask at $35. However, there are many mixed Neutrogena led mask reviews. Some say it doesn’t work as effectively as the more expensive versions.
At $359.00, the Professional Galvanic Regeneration LED Light Facial Mask strikes the best balance. It’s not too expensive but also not too cheap. Plus, it comes with lots of cool features. Equipped with 3 technologies: red light, blue light and infrared ray, this LED mask can treat pimples, blemishes, wrinkles, dull skin, and scars.


How Often Should You Have LED Light Therapy?

Some people see light therapy for skin results in as little as 2-3 days. For others it can take up to 1 month before they see light therapy mask results. It depends on your lifestyle. While led skin therapy can help your skin significantly in a number of ways, diet, age, smoking, alcohol, and exercise can influence your results. The longer you use the led therapy mask, the better your skin will look. If you have severe acne, for instance, you will see the most noticeable and significant effects after 6 months of using a led light therapy machine.

LED Face Mask
Professional Galvanic Regeneration LED Light Facial Mask

Daily use is recommended for the fastest results. A typical led light therapy session lasts around 10 minutes if you are using it twice per day. However, it is possible to go up to 30 minutes once per day using a light mask. It really depends on how your skin is. It is probably best to start off with shorter sessions for the first weeks of wearing the light therapy acne mask.

If you use it enough, you will see amazing results from led light therapy for wrinkles and acne and a range of other skin problems. This led skin phototherapy product has seen excellent effects. And now, everybody wants one of these facial lamp masks.

LED Light Therapy For Wrinkles

LED Face Mask

Red light therapy for wrinkles is a popular beauty treatment that is offered in spas and at dermatology offices to improve skin tone and reduce lines. Think of the red light as sunlight without the dangerous UV rays. Studies show it can improve the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 8 weeks.

By delivering light energy to skin cells, these anti-aging lights boost collagen production, encouraging skin plumpness and generating new cells. The LED face mask for wrinkles also boosts elastin production, leading to firmer skin and less visible lines.

Many women are now using light therapy for wrinkles because they are seeing the kind of results they like. LED anti aging devices are extremely effective. 100% of the female participants who took part in the clinical study claimed they saw visible results after just several weeks of using LED anti-aging treatment.

LED Light Therapy Dangers

Even though led light therapy uses are many and prove effective, there are also some downsides to the product if you do not use it correctly. Some of the LED light therapy side effects include headaches, irritability and eyestrain. Fortunately, these led light treatment effects do not last long. They are usually caused by the glare from the light. To prevent this, avoid staring directly at the light source. You can also wear eye protection to prevent the side effects.

Is LED Light Treatment Safe?

While eye strain is one of the biggest side effects of led therapy, generally it is safe treatment. The FDA has even approved LED skin treatment as a safe therapy. If anyone does suffer side effects, they are usually the ones named above and only last for a short amount of time.
However, this treatment should be avoided if you have photosensitivity or bipolar disease.

Led light face mask therapy is safe because it does not contain drugs or chemicals. It is totally natural, painless and safe for all skin types. Even better, it can be done all from the comfort of your home.

LED Face Mask
Does Neutrogena Light Therapy Work?

When pictures of celebrities wearing led masks surfaced on Instagram, many people immediately started searching for and buying led masks. This was definitely the case when Neutrogena brought out its own affordable light mask. Even though it offers the same red and blue light therapy treatments, just how effective is the Neutrogena light therapy mask in comparison to others?

Skin experts say that while the Neutrogena acne light mask can help fight acne, it isn’t always reliable in terms of strength and genuine LED wavelength. That doesn’t mean led light at-home options aren’t good. It’s just that the cheaper models aren’t always as strong in comparison to the more expensive ones. The Neutrogena light mask is said to take longer to see results.

While it is the cheaper option, sometimes it’s worth putting in a slightly bigger investment for your skin. There are many LED face masks for sale so it’s important to do your research beforehand.


Red Light Therapy

Red light LED therapy is a low level laser therapy used to treat acne, boost skin elasticity, and reduce skin inflammation. Using low-energy light emitting diodes (LEDs), red light treatment can also provide pain relief, speed up wound healing and reduce joint stiffness. There are many red light therapy benefits.

Many of you are probably wonder does red light therapy work? Well, from the research and the led face mask reviews we’ve read, it seems like it works really well. Many people are trying the red light mask to improve their skin and get rid of any blemishes. Although red light therapy for acne is one of the most common uses, it has other benefits. A red light facial can also boost collagen in the skin, reducing fine lines on the face. Used in conjunction with the blue, red light skin therapy can boost overall complexion, get rid of pigmentation, and even remove acne scars.

If you see the red light therapy before and after pictures of people who have used it, you will realize just how effective this treatment is. Some people even use it for a skin lightening treatment. Red light therapy for acne scars works incredibly. Over time, you will notice those acne scars fading in appearance. This is most likely down to the improved circulation and faster healing red light therapy effects.

But what is the best red light therapy device to choose? Scroll down to find out the best red light therapy at home device for sale.


Blue Light Mask

Blue light therapy is equally as powerful in improving skin appearance as red LED therapy. However, blue light therapy for acne might be more powerful. That’s because blue light can destroy up to 99.9% acne bacteria. While the red light shrinks the sebaceous glands that creates the oil that clogs pores, blue light skin therapy kills acne bacteria.


Together, they work incredibly well at getting rid of acne.

By killing acne-causing bacteria, blue light acne treatment, it also makes your skin less prone to inflammation. There is no doubt that the blue light facial works in treating acne and pimples. However, it has been confirmed in multiple studies that using a combination of red and blue light for acne is the best way to treat acne.

You should know that in addition to blue LED therapy, you should also be continuing with a good skincare routine. Just because red and blue LED lights help acne and a range of other skin issues doesn’t mean you can skip the face wash or the moisturizer. It is still important to use the right cleansers to prevent oil from accumulating on your skin.


Where To Buy LED Face Mask?

There are a range of at-home LED skin treatments out there for you to choose from. But there’s a big difference in price from let’s say the Deesse light mask and the Neutrogena LED skin mask.
Top Beauty Buy’s Professional Galvanic Regeneration LED Light Facial Mask uses red, blue and infrared light and has many of the same qualities of Deesse, for a fraction of the price. This galvanic facial mask utilizes 3 wavelengths to achieve a number of skin rejuvenation treatments for the face and neck. It also uses galvanic currents to enhance skin results and works with an oxygen machine too.

The Top Beauty Buy website has it on offer right now for a special price. Top Beauty Buy shipping is free worldwide if you order over $59. That means you’ll be saving at least around $150 in total if you order soon. And if you have a Top Beauty Buy discount code, you’ll save even more money on your LED face mask purchase.


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LED FACE Mask Reviews

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This LED Face Mask is Amazing!


You won’t believe how awesome this LED Facial mask is until you use it for yourself. I always had an issue with breakouts and stuff, so I was relieved to discover a device that would lessen the issue. The downside is that it takes a while before you see results – around 2 or 3 weeks. However, if you use it every day you will see the results you want.

After five weeks, I’ve noticed a major improvement in my skin: less redness, no new breakouts. I still have a few scars, but I hope with more usage they will fade too. All in all, I highly recommend this product. Even though it does take time (which is why I gave it 4 stars), it is worth the wait!

Lilly Ryans-Darwin

LED Face Mask For Acne Results Week By Week


I can’t believe it! I read that the LED face mask for acne really works and that people have seen results from it, but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it actually is. That is why I would like to share my experience with you. I know a lot of people struggle with acne and are looking for a cure. I was one of those people and now I’m happy to share with you a device that can treat your acne and make it a lot better. This device is worth the money for sure! It’s not as cheap as the Neutrogena mask but still not as costly as some LED masks on sale.

This one has many of the functions the expensive ones have but I guess because it’s not a famous brand name, it doesn’t cost as much. Sometimes you’re just paying extra for the brand name. Here are my results for daily 10 minute use of the mask so far:

1 week in: not a big difference, but brighter skin.

2 weeks in: 2 of my pimples have gone. There’s not so much redness either.

3 weeks in: I’m getting no new breakouts. A few more of my pimples have cleared up.

4 weeks in: not much has changed since week 3.

5 weeks in: a lot less redness and a lot clearer skin.

6 weeks in: still no new breakouts. large sections of my skin have totally cleared.

7 weeks in: all pimples gone, still a few scars.

So i’m 7 weeks in and really pleased with the results. I’m hoping my scars will disappear if I use the mask a few more weeks. I just wanted to share my results with you guys so you get an idea of how effective this mask is.

Hope you find it useful! Overall, I recommend this product highly and will keep you updated in a few more weeks.

Jo D.

LED Face Mask - It Really Works!!!


Is the LED face mask treatment another hyped up celebrity craze? Or is it the real deal? I wanted to know so I bought this and tried it myself. The results? Let’s just say I use this mask every single day. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, safe and above all, my skin has never looked better! Those acne scars have disappeared for good!

Christian Hamilton

Cool product - LED Face Mask


Works great, high quality, visible results – I’m very pleased with the product and its effects on my skin. I highly recommend this LED light mask for improving your skin. My skin looks really healthy and bright now. I believe it is down to the mask I’ve been using for the last month.

Rachel C.

Chronic Acne Sufferers: Christmas Day Has Come Early!


FINALLY…Something that actually works for acne!!! Anyone who’s never had acne probably won’t get where I’m coming from. Those that do will be on my page immediately! After spending a fortune on different acne creams and cleansers, as well as pills, I’m ecstatic to get my hands on a cool device that makes me feel so much more confident in my skin. Within the week, I noticed the inflammation calming down a lot and my skin looked less red. By the third week, some of my pimples had disappeared. Now I’m on my tenth week and wow! Even some of my scars have gone!

Dan Wilson

Great, But Expensive


I agree that this is an awesome product and definitely worth the investment. Just make sure you really want it and have the patience before buying it. The downsides to the led light treatment are it’s not only expensive, but timely too. Don’t expect to see results in the first week. It takes time. I think it took around 2 months before I saw really good results.

Julia A.

An effective anti-aging treatment led face mask


There’s a lot of hype around LED facials for acne, but people should know that it’s just as awesome for reducing lines around the forehead and eyes. It works for me anyway! For the last couple of months, I’ve been using this device twice a day for 6-minute sessions and am seeing incredible results!

Lucy Portman

Much Better Than The Cheap Masks!


So many girls I know have flocked to buy the cheap LED masks because they obviously can’t or don’t want to pay more than $100. I get it I really do. I also like a bargain. But is it a bargain? Not this time! When it comes to your skin, I recommend paying a little extra to get the real deal. That’s what I love about this device. It’s not as expensive as the celebrity-used devices, but by no means a cheap product. I’m thrilled with the quality of this mask and the results I have seen = clearer skin.

Jasmine Young

An ALL-Around Amazing Beauty Device (LED Face Mask)


I love this LED face mask! I always keep up with the latest beauty trends so I’m aware that many beauty products are just hype. Fortunately, this mask isn’t. For a change, I’ve found a beauty product that’s actually even better than it sounds. Not only will this light facial budge those annoying pimples once and for all, it will also give your skin a nice glow. I’ve been using it every day for the past three weeks and already I’ve seen noticeable results. So I’ll keep using it and come back to leave another review in a few weeks to keep you updated.