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Nord Sci > With so few reliable peptides suppliers in the US, it can be hard to tell the difference between the good providers and the scam providers. In this Nord-Sci review, we are going to be taking a deeper look into the company, what they sell, their prices, and their shipping.

Nord Sci peptides are a US-based company that sell a range of peptides made in the United States. This Nordsci review is going to give you a deeper and clearer insight into this company and help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

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Nord-Sci Review

Are you looking for a reliable place online to buy peptides in the United States? Nordsci peptides is a relatively new supplier in the US, but it has already gained a lot of popularity. That’s probably because they offer high purity in their peptide products. This Nord Sci review will give you a better idea of this company, so you can make the best possible decision when buying peptides.

Is a safe website? That’s a question a lot of you are probably asking right now and you have every right to. When it comes to buying anything online, you don’t want to take any risks. The last thing any of us want is to lose money and that is why we are providing you with this review. After hours of in-depth research and communicating with Nordsci customers, we have came to the conclusion that it is a safe and secure company. So the answer to your question, is Nordsci legit? Yes.


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NordSci Shipping

Nord Sci ships throughout the United States. For further details on Nord-Sci delivery information, get in touch with them. They will be able to provide you with exact prices. Alternatively, wait until you reach the checkout and you will receive a final Nordsci shipping price.

In this Nordsci review we also want to point out that this company puts a great deal of effort and care into their packaging and delivery process. If you do face any issues with the delivery or product, contact Nord-Sci peptide supplier and they will handle the problem.

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How Much Are Nordsci Peptides?

Many people have been asking how much do Nordsci peptides cost? The next part of this Nord-Sci peptides review is delving into their pricing.

First of all, we’re going to start off by saying that you cannot put a price on quality. You’ve no doubt came across those really cheap websites selling really cheap peptides. Before you buy, have you ever wondered why they are so cheap? Maybe the reason is because they’re not such high quality. The difference with peptides Nord-Sci is that their products are pure and extremely high quality. That is why their prices are slightly higher than others. At least, that is what our Nord Sci review research shows. But with a Nord sci coupon you will save lots of cash.

Their prices range from $79.99 to $199.99. However, customers have confirmed that their peptides are premium quality. In fact, you probably won’t find purer peptides around than Nord Sci peptides.


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What Do Nord-Sci Peptides Sell?

Now for the next part of our Nord-Sci review: what they sell. Actually, doesn’t sell a huge selection of peptides. However, they do offer some of the best peptides around. Peptides have become extremely popular lately because they can do so many things: help you gain muscle, lose weight, boost endurance, improve fitness levels and look more youthful. Nordsci US is the next best supplier. Let’s take a look at what nordsci peptides sell.


  • – GHK-CU – 200mg, 98.3% purity

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  • – Humanin (NEW) – 1mg, 97.5% purity
  • – BPC-157 – 5mg, 98.4% purity
  • – Epithalon – 20mg, 99.60% purity
  • – Thymalin – 20mg, 98.8% purity
  • – Thymosin Beta – 4 – 5mg, 98.9% purity
  • – MOTS-C – 100mcg, 97.5% purity


All Nord-Sci products are made in the USA.


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Do you want supreme quality peptides at the best prices? While there are cheaper suppliers around, some customers have told us that those cheap suppliers sell products that don’t actually work. One customer told us he saw no noticeable muscle growth since using them. Whereas with Nord-Sci peptides, customers have told us they work really fast. Finally in this nordsci review we would like to sum up by saying that we do recommend this company as a peptides supplier.

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Nord-Sci Customer Reviews

Latest Review of on in Reviews >> Nord Sci


Use it in a better way for faster results


In few days you will get the order at the address that you might have given at the time of placing order. Thus, try to be careful when you are placing order. Try to specify all the things correctly so that the order is delivered at the mentioned address. These peptide clinics are offering best services and once you will avail the services you will surely have positive feedback to give. If you wish to know various benefits that peptide offers you can always read few articles and blogs as well. This is the product that is high quality wise and this is something that has made it popular. Each customer who has used it is fully satisfied and there is not a single customer who will have to say negative about this clinic.
Placing order is also pretty simple, fast and perfect. You will hardly face any problem when you are placing order. In case if you have already made up your mind you can also place order in bulk. The staff members of the clinic are known for being friendly and are also helpful as well. The packaging is something for which you will have to give full marks as it is perfect. This clinic has become popular as it believes in customer satisfaction and is ready to do anything in order to attain it. Anyone can place order at any time and there is no need to think if its day or night. This is one clinic that you can easily recommend to your friends so that they can use it to the fullest. Make up your mind and do not waste your time thinking instead place order today. You will be impressed with the amazing services. All the orders can be placed online and that too very easily. that this clinic offers you.


Take help of the peptide as and when required


You will always want to take help and there can be nothing better than buy the best of peptides. Till date there are many who have understood the importance and in future as well there will be many to know it better. The rate is already mentioned so there is nothing to worry on that part at all. You can easily rely on this peptide and you can always buy the peptide in bulk as well. If you wish to understand the importance of it you read few reviews as well. It surely will make a lot of difference in every possible manner.


Nord-Sci Review


I have a colleague who has recommended to me Nord Sci. I was shocked on how good, easy, fast, safe and convenient using it is. Before, I had been buying from a store that is a one hour drive from me just to buy the supplements that I need for my fitness program. Imagine the hassle that I had to go through. It is also very expensive and not very effective. Ever since I was introduced to Nord Sci, I had access to a more convenient way of buying which is only done online. It is also very much much more effective.

I have been using Nord-Sci to complement my body building fitness regimen for 6 months now and I have only seen very good results from it. My gym buddies have been complementing me about my muscle growth and development and I am really flattered when they do that because it means that Nord-Sci have been really effective for me. I am very, very happy that I found this product. It is also very cheap and convenient to take. I will stick to this as my bodybuilding supplement. I have also recommended this product to my family and friends and they have also been loving it so far.

They were very thankful that I introduced this product to them and they are very, very happy about it. I am really happy because of the things this product has done for me and my goal to become fitter, gain more muscles and have more endurance. Thank you very much Nord-Sci! You have really been a blessing for me. I will stick with this product and continue to use this for a very long time. Thank you very much for Nord-Sci for making our lives better, not only for myself but also for my friends. Thank you very, very much!

P. R.

Why I like Nord Sci so much!


Nord Sci is an emerging peptide supplement providing company which is renowned in all of the US. Nord Sci offers a variety of peptides to supplement muscle building, weight loss, endeavor to look young, and increase endurance. Nord Sci can proudly proclaim themselves the torchbearer with the low-cost peptide supplements. Nord Sci also offers discounts on orders. My experience shopping with Nord Sci was delighting as it provides a range of products which speaks to all type of users!
Nord Sci had made shopping experience hassle-free by on time and trustworthy shipping service. I say this confidently if you want peptide supplements please visit Nord Sci.

Warner Thompson

Not bad


Nord sci is a reasonable good. I like the fact that their products are pure and they get shipped fast. I don’t like the fact that they offer only a few products and that they’re so expensive. My rating? A 3/5.

Sandeep Kumar

Amazing products


I’m gaining muscle already with the Nord Sci products. I can’t believe how fast their stuff works. Will keep using them!

Max Fuller

This Stuff Works With No Side Effects


Nord Sci peptides sell effective muscle-building sarms and peptides. They are incredibly effective products and I cannot get enough of them. I’m no workout fanatic not do i have an amazing physique, but using these products have transformed my body in a little amount of time. Last year I was around 212 and 32% fat. This year, through taking the Nordsci drugs i’m down to 189lbs and 24% body fat. I’m definitely on the way to my goal body weight. Can’t wait to see the ongoing results.

Plus, no side effects. I can only recommend them.

Nathan Peters

The Purest Of Them All


Friends who have ordered from Nord Sci peptides tell me their products are too expensive, but I can’t complain. In the past, I’ve bought some really poor quality peptides so I’d prefer to spend a little extra and get better quality for my money. I understand it’s tough if you’re on a budget but believe me it’s worth it. You really have to be careful who you buy products from these days because there are so many online suppliers that open for a couple of months and then suddenly close. I wonder why! It’s probably because they’ve been selling terrible, low quality goods.

I can tell you from personal experience that nord-sci sells the purest peptides I’ve ever found. There is nothing to complain about with this supplier. Their products are good, delivery is fast, and customer service was nice too. Yep, I’m a very happy customer. Would certainly recommend them to people searching for a reliable supplier.

Thomas Jones

Bestselling Products Sold Here


Their GHK-CU is the best thing ever! It has a 98.3% purity ratio which is seriously the best I’ve come across ever. All in all, it’s a really great product that works like it should and gives desirable results. In fact, Nord Sci peptides are generally great. I’ve bought a few different supplements from them and have been happy with all. I just particularly like the GHK-CU results the best.


Awesome Results So Far


I ordered BPC-157 from them and seen awesome results so far. Also impressed with their great customer service and fast delivery. Overall, a great efficient company worth using for buying peptides online. Using the Nordsci coupon code was an extra bonus which saved me money.


Fast Service, Really Happy


Placed an order with NordSci on Wednesday and got all my stuff on Friday morning. My products were all packaged nicely and no leaks or anything. Really happy with their service.


One of the Greatest Peptide Suppliers in the US


It seems like Nord Sci is a relatively new company but they’ve definitely made an impression on me. And when you use their Nord-Sci coupon code, you save so much money on your order. I was overall very pleased with their service and the product they sent to me. The delivery was fast, customer service useful, and prices not bad considering the product quality. Well recommended!

Quentin F. L.

The Nordsci Discount Code is Amazing


Love this company – can’t get enough!!! I used to buy from another supplier but they let me down a few times and in the end I looked elsewhere. Nordsci products are expensive but now I have a Nordsci discount code which saves me loads of money when I order.

Bethany G.

Nord Sci Products Are Great – But Costly


I love Nord Sci and the whole range of Nord Sci peptides, but the only thing I don’t like so much is their prices. I get it that their pure and everything. You get what you pay for – I get that completely. But I’m on a budget, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep my stock up. Other than that, I can’t recommend them enough and will continue buying their products.

Ti Andrews

The Nord-Sci Coupon Code Saves You Loads Of Money!


I know a lot of people have complained about the prices there, but when you use the nordsci coupon code, you save a lot of money. My overall verdict on the company is that they are reliable, honest, and offer fast delivery. Their customer service is also very good and they are always ready to help you whenever you need it. I was most of all impressed with their products. This is actually the fifth time I’ve bought stuff from them and I’m very impressed with them once again. I buy their peptides to bulk up and because their peptides are so pure, they work better, faster and more effectively than other peptides I’ve used before. My plan is to keep using them – they are seriously the best around.

Drew Hendley

Nordsci Peptides are the Real Deal!


This is the first time I bought peptides from Nordsci peptides, but I am extremely happy with their service and their products. I’ve had some bad experiences with peptides suppliers so I am really pleased to find the real deal here. Highly recommended!