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What’s Shopify? That’s a question many people want to know, even though we’ve all heard of Shopify already. Well, let’s just say Shopify makes running an online business ten times easier. Picking the right ecommerce solution for your business can be a challenge, which is why many people turn to using Shopify to sell services online. However, there are other options in case this solution isn’t for you. We’ll look into that in a few minutes.


Shopify Review

Before we start, let’s look into how Shopify works, packages they offer, and why it might be the perfect choice for your business. In this Shopify review, we’ll be covering everything. By the end of it, you will know how to start a Shopify store, what others think, and if it’s the right platform for your company. If you use your shopify promo code, you will also get great deals!

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What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

What is shopify is a question many people ask, in spite of the fact that they’re familiar with the company. Probably the better question to ask is how does Shopify work? We plan to answer that in this Shopify review.

Shopify is a commerce platform that allows you to start, develop and manage a business. With a Shopify online store, you can do the following things:

  • – Start and customize your own online store
  • – Manage your products, payments, inventory and delivery
  • – Sell all over the world from anywhere in the world in a variety of methods: web, social media, mobile, pop-up shops, physical stores etc.

Shopify Cloud-based

shopify free trialThis cloud-based commerce platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. And with up to date Shopify Software in place, you don’t have to deal with upgrading or maintaining web servers or software. There are many advantages and disadvantages of Shopify, but this one is an important pro for many people. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to run a business on Shopify. In fact, you can run your online Shopify business from home, anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you run it from.


Shopify Pricing

If you were running a physical shop, you would have to pay rent on a place. Why would it be any different online? The good news is, Shopify deals are great and make it inexpensive to run a business with them. So how much is shopify a month? The Shopify cost per month depends on the kind of package you want and of course, the kind of business you are running. If it’s a smaller business, you probably want the cheapest Shopify plan. If it’s a bigger company, you’re probably willing to invest more. Let’s take a look at how much does shopify cost below.


Here are the Shopify packages:

Shopify Lite Plan (provides tools for selling on Facebook and Buy buttons) – $9 per month

Shopify Basic Plan (sell unlimited products, receive a discount code engine, and gain fraud analysis tools) – $29 per month

Shopify Plan (fully customizable website, unlimited products, access to gift cards and abandoned cart recovery) – $79 per month

Shopify Advanced Plan (all the features from the previous plans with third-party calculated shipping rates and advanced reports) – $299 per month

Shopify Plus Plan (This is also known as the Shopify enterprise level where you get a fully hosted website and resources to focus on marketing and design. You also won’t acquire Shopify transaction fees which you incur with the previous Shopify pricing plans) – from $2000 per month


Shopify Plans

Take a look at the above shopify plan comparison to decide which best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for a Shopify starter plan or something more advanced, this company offers you a variety of options. Some people prefer Shopify lite for small businesses. Others prefer the idea of Shopify plus cost. Meanhile, make sure you don’t miss out on getting shopify free for 30 days.

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Is Shopify Legit?

This Shopify review plans to see things from all sides – the good and the bad. When we review Shopify, we want to provide you with the most useful and truthful information. Is shopify safe? Starting a new business can be scary at the best of the times without the hassle of dealing with dishonest, unprofessional companies. We’ve done thorough research to see is Shopify worth it? Even though we know it to be a genuinely legitimate and reputable company, it’s still good to find out if Shopify scam stories appear anywhere?

Shopify Reviews

First of all, there are some Shopify reviews complaints. Some people are not happy with the shopify monthly cost and some of their features. Everybody has their own opinions. However, from what we’ve read from the majority of users and deep research into the company, Shopify sounds like a completely safe and trustworthy company.

Thousands of people have created stores on this ecommerce website and are extremely happy with the company and the results. Why shopify is bad is a question we cannot answer, because we cannot find a legitimate reason for it being bad. With advanced shopify features and the ability for you to earn a lot of money and boostshopify free trial your online business, we consider this platform 100% legitimate. You, as a user, will also receive constant shopify customer support if you need assistance any time. With your myshopify store, you have the potential to expand your business and earn a good living.

In this Shopify review we hope we’ve answered your question so you can make an easier decision. Is Shopify secure? Absolutely.


Shopify Partner Program Review

Another part of our Shopify review 2018 is to review the partner program. Shopify partners can earn money for referring clients to them. With this Shopify partner revenue share program, you can earn 20% for each client you refer. To be a shopify affiliate is easy and you can make money from it. This isn’t for everybody, however, because a lot of people use Shopify to start their own online company.


Shopify Pros and Cons

Before starting a business with Shopify, it’s a good idea to do further research into the company. That’s what we plan to do here. To give you a better idea of the company itself, here are the Shopify advantages and disadvantages below.

Shopify Pros

First off, we are going to look at shopify pos. Now we all know that making money on Shopify isn’t too hard. If you know what to sell on Shopify. But what exactly do you get for your money? Not all of these packages come cheap, so we need to see is Shopify the best option?

  • – Easy to use: Not a tech nerd? You don’t have to worry about that because Shopify free tech support does everything for you. And if you do need to do something, it’s really easy and takes only a few clicks.
  • – Customer support: Shopify 24/7 support means you get support whenever you need it. You don’t have to wait a long time before you get an answer. Plus, the Shopify customer support team is made up of trained experts.
  • – Designs: Shopify designs come in high quality and quantity – plus they’re mobile friendly. There are over 170 Shopify themes 2018.
  • – Free apps: Visit the Shopify App Store for both free and paid apps for your store. These free shopify apps to increase sales are highly useful.
  • – Flexibility: You are flexible to do what you want if you go for a more advanced package. Many people are even using Shopify for dropshipping.

Shopify Cons

Now it’s time for the disadvantages of Shopify. Every company has its cons, so there’s really nothing special here about downsides. The best way to make the decision is to weigh up the pros and cons and choose what suits yours needs best and your Shopify plans.

  • Transaction fees: Unless you opt for shopify payments, they charge a transaction fee on top of the processor fee.
  • Exporting content is not easy: even though the Shopify blog is available, getting your own content the way you want it is by no means simple.
  • It’s not the cheapest Ecommerce platform: but it is one of the best and notable platforms on the web. With their cost transparency, huge selection of free Shopify theme templates, and 24/7 customer service, it’s considered one of the best.
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Shopify vs Etsy

Is it better to sell on Etsy or Shopify? That’s a pretty broad question that depends on which method of selling you would prefer. Shopify is a webstore, whereas Etsy is a marketplace. While they are both ecommerce sites, they are two different ways to sell products or services online. Some people even sell on Shopify and Etsy.

The big question is, would you prefer to sell on a well-known marketplace like Etsy or on your own webstore – which in this case would be Shopify? It also depends on what kind of products you are selling. Etsy is more a marketplace for crafts, vintage and homemade goods. Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform with no restrictions on what you sell. As long as it is legal, you have more freedom with selling things on Shopify.

Shopify is the clear winner

shopify reviewsEven though it is easier to gain exposure fast on Etsy, you have total control over your listings when building a Shopify store. If you want a business of your own with your own designs, Shopify is the clear winner.

If you make homemade supplies and are totally new to business, Etsy is your best choice. On the other hand, if you’ve been selling products for a while and want to expand your product line, creating your own webstore with Shopify is the best choice. Alternatively you can try selling on both sites to see which works best for you.


Shopify vs Amazon

Amazon and Shopify are both effective platforms for selling products online. But if you are looking at starting an ecommerce business, you will need to know which one suits you best.

You can either sell your services on Amazon’s marketplace, like Etsy, or build on your own experience and create your own business on Shopify. Are you a business focused on exposing brand and marketing? Then using Shopify would be the better option. You have more ownership over everything with Shopify review. You can make your website look exactly the way you want it to look and gain exposure as a company.

Although Amazon has massive amounts of traffic, you won’t get the brand recognition you would with Shopify. Instead, you will be competing in a tight space with lots of other people selling the same products as you.

The way we see it, Amazon is like a supermarket where your brand is one in thousands of other products. Shopify is like having your own boutique. It depends on which platform for selling online suits you best. We hope this Shopify review helps you make the right choice.

Shopify vs Wordpress

Is Shopify or Wordpress better for starting an ecommerce business? You don’t have to have any web development skills to start a shop on Shopify. You can make your own online store fast without needing much IT experience at all. Just like Shopify, you also don’t need much tech experience to use Wordpress – unless you have a self-hosted Wordpress site that is!

Shopify is the more popular choice for building an online store, but Wordpress has a lot of advantages. It has a lot of options, apps, plugins and resources available for you to use for your online store.

The main issue is with the fees. Although many people complain about Shopify costs, Wordpress fees are a lot more unpredictable. You can never say exactly how much a Wordpress site costs to create because many fees are involved. You’ll still need a lot more tech skills to get your business of the ground on Wordpress, but it’s a lot easier building a Shopify page. It was created to make building online stores as easy as possible, so that literally anyone can do it wherever they are in the world.

Shopify or Bigcommerce

Both companies have excellent products, amazing support and awesome partners. However, the bigcommerce vs shopify debate remains. People want to know which they should choose when developing their online business. It’s good to hear this Bigcommerce and Shopify review because they both have their differences.

First off, both companies have a strong focus on design. However, Bigcommerce has a more complicated process for adding a product and other basic tasks. Shopify is probably the more user-friendly ecommerce platform of them both. There are also less theme choices on Bigcommerce than on the Shopify website. And the ones you can choose and pay for are way more expensive than the Shopify theme prices.

Shopify free

On the other hand, Ecommerce boasts more advanced customization features than Shopify free has. Many people prefer Shopify because of its wider range of app developers, theme designers and guaranteed security and support.

The whole purpose of this Shopify review is to give you a better insight on how good is Shopify. There are so many platforms available that you can use to make money online with your own business. Choosing the right one? Not so easy! It’s not always down to the company itself, but more to the business owner and their specific needs. It is down to what you, as a company, want to achieve. But if you want to make money with Shopify that is definitely possible and thousands of people have already done it.

Shopify vs Ebay

Want to know whether to sell on Shopify or Ebay? Once again, it depends on what you are looking for. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons in this Shopify review.

Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to start a business and start selling products online. You can create your own online store that looks how you want within a day. However, you need to market your store and known how to bring traffic to your shopify page. Ebay already has the traffic, so that can make things easier for some sellers. They already have an audience looking for your products so it’s not too hard to reach the right audience.

There’s also the case of fees. While Shopify isn’t a cheap ecommerce platform, Ebay fees do rack up quickly by the time they’ve added insertion fees and final value fees, even though there’s no monthly fee for an account.

The biggest downside to selling on Ebay is that you’ll never be able to build a relationship between your customer and your brand. That’s because Ebay is a marketplace where customers buy a product from sellers they can trust. If you create your own Shopify store, customers will come directly to your store because they are familiar with the brand and they like it. You have built that brand and customer connection, which is a crucial part of any business.

Can You Make Money on Shopify?

Making money on Shopify is not too difficult if you already have a product that you’re selling. The Shopify success rate will be much better if you’re already selling a product, but want to give it more exposure. There are so many Shopify success stories from people who have built businesses on there. Of course, some people gain more success than others. On the whole, Shopify results are usually impressive. To make money on Shopify you also need to put in the work, just as you would if you had a brick-and-mortar store. Many people question how to make money with ecommerce website. The answer is simple: believe in your product and sell it.

How to make money on Shopify 2018? Starting a successful shopify store requires a few things. Here are some useful tips to make your store a success.

  • Choose a great theme: make sure your theme reflects the message and values of your company. Visuals are a big deal for customers, so make sure they stand out and remain memorable in the client’s mind.
  • Add your products to the store: you can upload your product pictures and start getting your Shopify business success off the ground.
  • Offer a variety of payment methods: don’t just ask for bank transfers because that’s going to limit your audience. It’s not going to be possible for everyone to pay in one set way.
  • Bring traffic to your store: You can try Facebook ads, create a Youtube channel or start a blog to get traffic to your shopify store. And of course, word of mouth. Spread the word by telling friends and family about your new business venture. If you already have clients, tell them where to find you online. You don’t want to lose existing customers.

Shopify Sign Up

There are many Shopify benefits as you can see. It depends on what you want from your business. If you want to start an online shop the easiest and fastest way without any stress, sign up for Shopify. Then you can set up a Shopify store and add all your products that you want to sell. Don’t have any products to sell right now? Lots of people use Shopify for dropshipping. That could be the right choice for you too if you have no products or current stock.

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Before committing to a permanent Shopify package, why not try it before you buy it? With a Shopify trial, you’ll be able to get a feel for what it’s like and if it is right for you and your business needs. You can also use the Shopify discount code to save more money. With a shopify coupon, you’ll save even more cash.

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform to start your business. It is easy. It is convenient. Above all, you can start earning money fast on Shopify. So be your own boss today and create your Shopify account now. Don’t forget to take advantage of your trial Shopify free for our readers.



Shopify Reviews:

Latest Review of on in Reviews >> Shopify

Kenda U.



I saved enough money to open a toy shop. Yes, it sounds a bit lame, but it was my dream to have a toy shop, since I visited a big one when I was a boy. So, I did it. I opened my own business and since then I’ve been thinking on having a virtual shop. But how do I do it? Mainly the problem was the site. That’s when I found out about Shopify. And then I discovered a synonym for practicability. The possibility of building your own site may seem a long road to take, but with Shopify it only makes things really easier: the templates are very useful, you don’t have to build everything from zero. And the best part of it: it’s cheap! You don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring someone to create your business site. You can do it yourself! Don’t be afraid and don’t spend another minute thinking about Shopify. Hire the service and be welcome to practical land!

Ethan S.

Shopify - Avail the help and be tension free


Shopify is till date considered as the best site when it comes to online selling and buying. There can be nothing better than this one and you will soon realise the same. If you are one who wishes to satisfy then in that case you can go for the free trial version and after that you can go for the paid version after you are fully satisfied. Get started and do not worry about anything at all. In case if you wish to understand the proper way it should be used you can always put forward the question or open the site for full clarification.
This is really good and if you wish you can pay the monthly fee and proceed further. You can also suggest this to others so that they can take full help of if now and always. Lots of reviews are written and by reading the reviews as well there are many things that you will be able to gather. Satisfy yourself completely so that there is no problem faced by you at a later stage. Many people have used and there are many who will use it. The most important part is that Shopify is easy to use and is user friendly as well.


Shopify Review


I am really, really happy that we have chosen Shopify as our supplier for our online business. They have been very helpful and supportive of us during the time that we are just starting out our online business. It was very hard just starting out but Shopify has made it very easy for us because of their low prices and fast delivery times. The quality of their goods are also very good and they have a wide variety of goods available for purchase. We are currently running our online business for 6 months now and so far we have been doing good thanks to Shopify’s support to us.


Shopify Review


Shopify is a very good website for helping small businesses like mine succeed. They are very welcoming to entrepreneurs like me who are just starting our own businesses.

The quality is very  good

The prices that they offer for wholesale of a wide variety of goods are very competitive compared to other online shopping websites. This has allowed us to resell them at a lower cost that our competitors. The quality of their goods is also very good and is totally worth their price. They also sell a wider variety of goods, all of excellent quality. Their delivery and payment options are also very quick and convenient for us. On all our orders from them, we have never experienced a delay in the delivery of our orders or errors in delivery like wrong item sent, etc.

Now our business is growing steadily

We have started an online store for selling clothes since the start of this year. First we have looked at different online stores like Lazada and Zalora but in the end we have chosen Shopee because of the reasons that I have mentioned above. We have started with a small shipment for our initial supply. Since the quality of Shopee’s goods are very good, they were not hard to sell and we quickly sold out our initial supply. Since then, our orders from them has increased with a wider variety of goods. Now our business is growing steadily in terms of sales and loyal customers. We could not have done this without Shopee’s excellent service, especially to small business owners like me.

They have helped my business succeed

For those of you that are just starting or planning to start your own reselling business, I would really suggest to choose Shopee as your supplier. They have helped my business succeed and I am sure that they would also be able to help your business succeed too.

Nena R.

Shopify Discount Code & Shopify Review


Shopify is very easy to use and thank the Shopify Free Version Free to test! I am very happy that I took this chance and tried shopify. Now I can fulfill my long-awaited dream of indecent work from home and no longer have to worry about my financial affairs.


Journey of a shop owner to an entrepreneur


I am very pleased and ecstatic to share my experience with Shopify. I was a shop owner who was decided to put faith in Shopify and well it has paid off! My journey from a shop owner to entrepreneurship has been quite rewarding and humbling. Shopify has been a wonderful partner in this journey. I never contemplated the potential! Entering into Shopify’s platform was a moment I will never regret in my life. It makes the experience meaningful for customers and sellers alike. The platform is as large as it can be. The fact that I started out with Shopify a little late still haunts me. In the seller’s context, Shopify is basically an end to end solution provider. What do you need for online retail? An online shop, selling applications, and shipping. Right? Well, Shopify got you covered on all fronts. Shopify also provides promotions feature to reach out to a wider customer base.

The ease of setting up and maintaining an online shop is exceptional! In as low as $29 per month, I use to maintain my online shop. When first I approached Shopify for help, they got everything up and running within seven days. Shopify takes its pride in masquerading features like easy payment option, online store, and social media selling. Shopify working using cloud gave me the confidence in the technology. By means of monthly payment, I got an access to the admin page and I built my shop, added products, and prices. While I was setting up my store the already available free and priced templates came to my help. I build on one of the free templates though! The products I wanted to sell were mostly handcrafted and I would have never realized the value of my products if I wouldn’t have listed on Shopify.

Amy Watson

Just Fabulous!


Want to start an online business? Then I recommend starting a business on Shopify. I’ve tried Etsy and Ebay before but they just don’t give you that personal business feelings. It’s more like a marketplace. Shopify is great if you want to really have your own business and brand it the way you want. I love it and worth every dollar!

Cheryl Burke

A Great Place to Start A Business


Shopify allowed me to transform my homemade jewellery business into something bigger and more profitable. I understand a lot of people are put off by the fees, but if you truly believe in your product and you want to take it to the next level, Shopify is a great way to do that. I’ve really been able to focus on marketing my product through this site and with their support. Now, after years of dreaming, I have finally made my dream a reality. If it wasn’t for Shopify, this would not have been possible. That is why I cannot recommend them enough.

Brian F.

My Shopify Review


I give this company five stars for being so easy to use and professional. I wanted to extend my physical business by selling stuff on Shopify to give it online exposure. Luckily it didn’t take long because I already had customers. Shopify is easy to use, plus their customer service is brilliant. They helped me so much – can’t recommend it enough for starting an online shop!

Suzan B.

Shopify Dropshipping Review


Before starting a Shopify dropshipping store, I was in a totally different career role. It wasn’t until a friend told me about selling stuff online that I realized how much fun it sounded. So I registered for a Shopify store, the basic package, and started dropshipping. I just found products that I wanted to sell and that looked popular and within several months, I was earning a full living off my shopify webpage. Only con: don’t expect instant success. It takes time. But totally worth it! And you get to work from home in your PJ’S!!!

Sharnie Moore

Earning money on Shopify is easy


I’ve been using Shopify to earn money for the past 12 months and I’ve been very pleased with the reception I’ve got. Two months in to my new business venture, I gained a clientele of 7 regulars and an additional 10 sales. It’s taken a while to get it off the ground to the point that it’s making reasonable money, but overall I’m impressed with the ease of this selling process. It’s the first time I’ve started an ecommerce store and I can’t believe how simple it’s all been. Shopify is so user-friendly and even if you don’t have much IT experience, you’ll soon get used to it. After a year, I’m earning a decent wage on Shopify.