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Shopify Success Story: How It Became The World´s Biggest Ecommerce Company

Shopify: The History

Shopify is the brainchild of Tobias Lütke, a professional programming engineer. At that time, Lütke and his friend Scott Lake wanted to sell their line of snowboards online, but they were having difficulties with the traditional e-commerce platforms, which were both rigid in design and features. So, one fine evening Lütke just decided to solve the problem once and for all.

He decided to built his own software and design a new-age e-commerce platform which is both tech savvy and also simple enough with wide range of marketing tools for marketeers to sell their products online. The duo with a total collective pool of $450,000 spend the next one and a half year building the software and finally in 2006, they launched Shopify. The rest is history.

Business houses now have an online store to sell their products, accept payment through credit cards, track customer response to their products, customize their online shops just at the tip of their fingertip.

Shopify: The Success Story

The next two years had been difficult for the duo with almost no salaries to withdraw due to which Lake left the company. Lütke was now alone but not disheartened. He collaborated with Cody Fauser and Daniel Weinand. It is estimated that last year alone the platform raised $275 million through sell of online products. There are several reasons for the immense popularity and success of this online portal. It is in fact one of the simplest e-commerce platforms and caters to the need of even medium and small time investors.

Shopify’s e-commerce SEO is quite simple and basic so all you need is to have some basic web designing knowledge and you are ready to go. Shopify charges about $26 a month for the basic package and $160 for the upgraded one. The 30-day trial period is extremely useful for new users. The starter package itself is very good especially if you are new to the platform.

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The platform has also been extensively used by larger business houses like Tesla with its extensive features and benefits. Shopify also has a mobile app which can be downloaded in your smartphone. The app will help you manage your orders, view live sales and traffic, keep touch with workers as well as manage orders and also keep track of the performance of the products.

Let us now get into some of the unique features of Shopify, the reason which makes it so popular

  • It is a (Software As A Service or SAAS) based platform where the server is maintained at the other end and all you need to do is just pay a small amount. Shopify will handle your web hosting, online payments as well as your payment gateways.
  • It comes with multiple themes comprising of font colors, size, Logo etc. You can choose accordingly and make your page more unique and customer savvy. Shopify allows you to design an attractive and responsive layout to optimize your sales.
  • Shopify is quite affordable and at the same time provides quality services. The platform fees are quite low as compared to other online platforms.

Why it is So Popular

  • Shopify ensures strict regulations and security of its customers.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It integrates with other online market places like Amazon, Walmart, etc.
  • Innumerable marketing tools mostly social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc which redirects your web pages as well as optimizes your website.
  • Round a clock technical support in case your page is not working or there are some technical problems.
  • It supports wide range of payment gateways and currencies.
  • Shopify has an extensive bandwidth and there is no upper limit in the amount of products you want to sell in the platform.